I Can Finally Reformat My Computer Soon

I bought my new DVD burner earlier this week and it arrived yesterday. I was looking at it while it was still in it’s OEM packaging and I looked at the back and all of a sudden got very upset. I bought the wrong one.

I should have known to check whether I was buying IDE or SATA but I guess it’s been too many years since I built a computer or even bought computer parts that I just forgot to pay attention to that kind of thing.

I went into a complete panic attack. Things started going through my head like “I can’t return this, they have a no return policy on OEM” and “I wonder if I can sell this on Yardsellr” and “Well, I hope someone needs a new DVD burner for Christmas.”

Then it came to me. My motherboard is from 2007, it has SATA on it. So I went to the closet and dug out the box for the motherboard, found it, opened it and the first thing I see are the SATA cables. WHEW!

I turned off my computer, unplugged everything, installed it and turned the computer on. Instead of installing the DVD burner, my stupid webcam decides it needs to be installed. After about 20 minutes of looking for the drivers, I decide I don’t have time for this so I unplug the webcam and start installing the DVD driver and software.

So far I have burned 4 dvd’s and gotten at least 16GB off my computer and deleted it all so I wouldn’t re-burn things. I still have a ton of other things to burn today, maybe another 4 dvd’s worth, who knows. I got a lot of crap on my computer.

One thing that I did notice is the whole Smart Erase thing, it only works on DVD+/-RW discs. It doesn’t work on DVD+/-R. So that was disappointing. I said I must be behind the times but I guess I was wrong because my old dvd burner did that but you know, only with RW. I just thought they must’ve upgraded their technology to erase dvd-r’s.

I’m going to Chips cousins “Celebration of Life” in a couple of hours. Darrin bought me a new dress shirt since the neck of all of his are too small for my thick neck. So I better get ready now just in case I get picked up too early. I wouldn’t want to be sitting in my PJ’s when the doorbell rings.