Restoring My Blog

As some may know, I recently lost my blogs database.  The database was corrupt and even the backup that my web host had was corrupt so I had to start over.

It has been a little over a week now and I have been working hard for at least 8 hours a day restoring posts.  I have almost 500 posts back and I have not given up totally on getting the rest back but I do need to take a day off.

I was restoring them backwards from the day my blogs database died until July 2010 but then I decided that 6 months is good enough, I will start from the beginning in 2007 and work my way to where I left off to fill in that gap.  I want to do it chronologically because there were posts that had links to past posts and the only way I could restore those links is by restoring old first then newer.  Does that make any sense?

As of right now the restored posts are from the very beginning in 2007 all the way to the beginning of October 2008.  Then July 2010 to now.  There were specific posts that I wanted to restore because I see people are still searching for them so I did a search on my blogger site so I could restore them out of order (but with their right dates and times).  Those are the KFC posts, Star Tatoo Girl and Bokni Magus posts.  Those were by far my most popular posts and now they are back.

Now, I need to take a break because I am very bored with the whole process of copying and pasting from Blogger and YouSayToo lol.  My old posts can be seen on those other sites until I can finish restoring them here.

I got some reading to do so I will continue where I left off tomorrow.