And I’m The Jerk In This Scenario

The dog needed to go for a walk so I got her ready and we went outside and I hear “CAR WASH… CAR WASH…”. I look over and these people are standing near our tenants house with a money box and towels and they have 2 hoses extending from our tenants hose.

Naturally I went over there and asked them if they got permission from the homeowners to use the hose and they said yes, we asked them. And I said “no, you asked the homeowners tenant, they do not own the property and they do not pay for the water.  I am  the homeowner and you did not ask me.”  OK so I’m not but she doesn’t need to know that.  Darrin and his brother are the homeowners and since neither of them were there at the time, I have to speak for them.

I put the dog back inside the house and go over to the market which is where these people live, behind the market that is (the market has these little offices that are meant to be used as offices but they rent them to people to live in) and I asked the owner of the building if he gave them permission to have a car wash, naturally he said no. He said that he told them to ask the church if they could use their parking lot and hose and they didn’t so they just took it upon themselves to use our tenants instead.

At this point I’m thinking, what do I do? Do I get a backbone and go over there and tell them they can’t use the hose or just let it slide? They don’t even have a sprayer on the hose which would stop the water from flowing freely and it was flooding the gutters with water.  Seeing that water being wasted really pissed me off and my backbone made a guest appearance.

I went over to the woman on the main street yelling “CAR WASH” and told her she couldn’t use our hose. She seemed really sad and I think they were doing this because they probably don’t have the money for rent so they were trying to make some easy money washing cars.

Hey, you know what?  I can’t give a crap about them. When our tenants house was robbed, they involved themselves and lied to the cops because they saw who did it when they were parked in front of their little “office”. They told the cops they knew who did it but wouldn’t tell them, but if they knew they weren’t going to tell them they should have kept their fat mouths shut.  Frankly I hope they do have to move out.

And I’m the jerk in this scenario lol. When I told her that she couldn’t do this, I told her that I don’t mean to be a jerk about it because I’m usually the nice guy but I have to do what is right for us.

I also had to tell the tenant that they had no right to give anyone permission to use their hose.  I showed her that these people were letting the water run free and wasting it and told her that if anyone asks to use the hose, just say NO.  It’s a wonderful word.

I came back to the house and got the dog to take her out again and there was a cop in front of the house who pulled a white SUV over. I saw those people rushing to get their belongings from the front of our tenants house. That was funny to me. I mean, I’m sure they saw the cop pulling that SUV over so they know I didn’t call them so I’m sure they had to get out of there for another reason, maybe a warrant perhaps?

I’m not usually this assertive so when I am I have to blog about it lol.

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