Style Exposed “Sperm Donor: 74 Kids and More”

I was fortunate yesterday that I found the most wonderful gift in the tv guide.  It was a show called “Sperm Donor: 74 kids and more” on the Style channel.

With a title like that, who couldn’t resist watching it?  It put’s the show “19 kids and counting” to shame.

We meet this man named Ben who was hurting for money when he was in college and when he heard he could make $900 a month donating his sperm, he took full advantage of the situation.

Hey, I don’t blame the guy.  I mean, your body is constantly generating something that usually just goes into a tissue, why not make some money right?  I mean, if I had a dollar for every tissue I threw away I’d be the richest man on the planet.

Unfortunately for him, his fiancé doesn’t like knowing that not only was her future husband a sperm donor, but now he is finding out that his donations have produced more than 74 children.

There is a scene where they are in a restaurant and she is telling him that he is selfish for letting this happen.

What?  He’s selfish?  Is she kidding me?  If anyone is selfish here it’s her because if it wasn’t for Ben donating his sperm, there wouldn’t be so many happy families out there with children that they couldn’t produce on their own.  His donations gave people the gift of life.

They showed a couple who used Bens sperm donation because the husband was shooting blanks.  They wanted children but he wasn’t able to give one to his wife.  They decided to use the donor sperm and they made daughter out of it.

That daughter found out that he wasn’t her real father so they sneaked a q-tip from her fathers trash can in his bathroom and sent it in for DNA testing.  She discovered that he wasn’t really her father.

She signed onto this website where people who were born from donated sperm could find not only their donated father but also perhaps other donated siblings by way of the donated sperm donor number.

It just so happened that Ben signed up for the same website so he was able to find more than 20 of his children.  He thought that perhaps he might have 100 or maybe even 120 children out there but he wasn’t sure.

Two of his daughters found each other through the website and they were able to meet and they hope that one day they might have a relationship with their sperm donor father.

There was another woman who had 2 children from Bens donated sperm and she told her oldest daughter who was in my opinion too young to know.  The reason I say that is because she wasn’t mature enough to understand the circumstances for why she was created.  She thought that her mother had a relationship with Ben and when Ben meets her mother he would fall in love with her and marry her.

This poor little girl thought that Ben was breaking up with her mother because he was getting married to someone else.  In that situation I think that she should have waited until her daughter was at least 15 or 16 years old before telling her.

The problem that most people will have with this is that he has 74 kids, more than most people should have.  First of all they aren’t his children.  I mean sure they are technically his because they have his DNA but he doesn’t have any responsibility towards them.  I’m sure he signed away his parental rights the minute he handed over the little cup.

His fiancé is worried that he will want to have a relationship with all of those children.  She’s afraid that there might be a reunion every year.  Well so what if there is!  If that’s what he and the children want then I don’t see why they shouldn’t get that.

If all of the siblings find each other and want to have their own reunion then I really don’t take issue with that because they are all half siblings.

It’s funny because the first thing that came to mind was that these kids need to know each other.  What if they meet, get in a relationship, get married and have their own children then find out that they are really brother and sister?

It is up to those kids parents to talk to their kids and say look, I used a sperm donor so that we could have you.  That sperm donor isn’t your father, he’s just a donor.  Your father is still your father.

And if that parent is a single parent or a lesbian couple then they need to have a different conversation.  “Ben isn’t your father, your other mother is your father.”

I don’t think that what Ben did was as wrong as his fiancé thinks he is.  She needs to stop being such a jealous and selfish person.  In my opinion, Ben doesn’t have any children because he didn’t make them with another person, other people made those children.  Ben masturbated in a cup, multiple cups and he shouldn’t be penalized for that.

His fiancé needs to realize that what he did was a good thing and move on with the rest of their relationship.  Stop thinking about how horrible he is for having 74 kids and more and start focusing on the love that they have for each other and possibly the baby they will make with each other.

On a side note, did anyone who watched that show see a resemblance to Seth Rogen?  He had the curly hair, he sort of had Seth Rogens face, he definitely had Seth Rogens voice and laugh.

I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say that Ben might have fathered Seth Rogen.  Ok so maybe that’s not possible but maybe they might be related to each other some other way, maybe their real father was a sperm donor.  Hey, it could happen.

10 thoughts on “Style Exposed “Sperm Donor: 74 Kids and More”

  1. Lisa Large

    I just caught part of this show and I am hooked! Ben is a gracious man that helped a lot of people become parents and families and he should not be judged badly for the number of kids. My question, how is the sperm distributed that it would result in so many kids from one donor and the apparent ‘age’ of the donations (some of the kids were 18 and some really young kids). How does it work, just curious.


    1. I would imagine that he donated the sperm about or around 20 years ago when he was in college. The sperm gets frozen when he donates it otherwise it goes bad. It can stay frozen for decades. If he donates sperm on a weekly basis I’m sure the sperm bank has a lot of sperm to produce hundreds of children.


    1. LOL I’m being hard on her? He has to live with her talking down to him for the rest of his life, that is if she doesn’t leave him when the number goes past 74.

      And no, I think that was a 1 episode deal.


  2. Diana

    I love the show, it took my attention when i was channel surfing and saw the name of the show. i thought it was pretty interesting, i don’t think he did something wrong in donating his sperm like the article said he gave happiness to a lot of family out there. I don’t have problems or nothing but i was say to my mom that i will have a baby by sperm donor i might say playing around but i would do it. Maybe is selfish of me to think like that cause i grow up with out a father i have spoken to him but i never met him in my life & im 20yrs old. Sometimes i think what if he was in my life ? how would it be ? but things happen. For his fiance i hope she be real open minded to this & enjoy the ride with him if she really love, cause this is his life now i know more of his kids will try to contact him & any siblings of them i would have done the same =) i think no one should judge & see the situation in a possitive way.


    1. I never met my paternal father. He wasn’t a sperm donor but he might as well have been because he had an affair with my mother and got her pregnant and he never knew that. He broke off the relationship before she could tell him and she kept it a secret. If it weren’t for him I might not be here so I thank him for his donation.


  3. Melissa

    I saw this show. I think its good he is trying to meet them. Just in case they need to learn about his medical history. But the two older girls on the show that met aren’t his they stated there were only 8 children from there donor. Ben only donated sperm from 2005 to 2008 so they are to old to be his. As for his fiance it is what it is and they aren’t married yet so if she can’t deal she need to get out. I wish they would actually show more episodes of Ben meeting more of the kids.


  4. Carol

    I saw the show today. I have to agree with you on everything. Ben’s fiance struck me as being very jealous and selfish and I got the impression she is not a very warm person to start with. As for the two kids he met, they are too young to even comprehend this. He was great with them, but they are kids. They are going to expect more time with him now, especially the daughter. I think the mother should have left it alone, and as you said, maybe when they are in their teens it would be better then. I felt bad for the kids because they were having so much fun with him. As for Ben, I don’t know, I got the feeling he wanted to possibly see them again. I
    could be wrong, but that was what I was getting.


  5. Paula

    Pay attention people-the 2 sisters that met were not Ben’s. The mother should’ve thought twice about meeting w/ Ben because the kids will expect nad want to see him more–here’s your father–have a spectacular fun filled day cause it’s the first and last. I don’t know what’s worse though never meeting him or meeting him then craving more your whole life….confusing..(He older sister rocks though for showing up and wanting to be part of his sisters life-that was perfect. The siblings should know one another but maybe not a good idea for children to meet their donors at least not before turning 18. But what do I know


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