10 thoughts on “Return to EverQuest

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  2. Cambrey

    Thx to your feedback, you totally dissuaded me to join the F2P EQ. Once in a blue moon I pay my subscription for a month (I might do it this year, sometimes during summer), just so I can visit the old zones with my 70 lvl warrior.

    That brings back so many many sweet memories (the auctions in the Commonlands, the corpse runs, trying to find your way using /loc when you get lost in the middle of nowhere, and for the casters, the freaking book that covers the whole screen when you meditate etc..).

    I don’t like what they have done to Freeport and Nektulos though. I like the old school environments much better.



    1. What server were you on? I remember way back when in like 2002 when the auctions were in Greater Faydark at the spires lol. I’m on Xegony server. I love the old EQ too, I mean sure the graphics were bad, but they were awesome to us back then.


      1. Cambrey

        I joined Karana server in 2001 (or was it 2000 ? Ah, I don’t even remember). Anyway, I know that Karana merged into another server (Rathe, I believe).

        Back then, I was totally addicted to the EQ lore. I printed off so many sheets about the background stories. Heh.

        Heck, even last year I read “The Rogue’s hour” book. 😀


      2. I have yet to read the Rogue’s Hour book because I’m waiting for it to be on the Nook. My eyes are really bad so I have trouble reading little print. I like my Nook because I can make the text really big lol. I was addicted too so I know what you mean. I would wake up and the first thing I did was turn on the computer and load EverQuest. I typically played for 16 hours a day. I ate breakfast lunch and dinner at my desk lol. I think about that now and think what a loser, but EverQuest or not, I do the same thing, except now I’m just on this site, Twitter and Facebook lol. Nothing has really changed, I’m still a loser lol.


      3. Cambrey

        Heh, I hear you! Back then, the game was a terrible addiction. Really. I skipped so many nights because of it. I have never felt anything like that since I quit playing it.

        Once, a friend and I even played 48h straight to farm tradeskill ingredients in Hollowshade Moor. Ah, Fools!

        My gosh, I won’t be able to play like that today, but I have NO REGRETS at all! 😀


      4. I know what you mean. I have been playing for maybe 1 or 2 hours at a time, which is nothing compared to 16 hours. I guess I have just fizzled out of games. I would hate to think that at age 41 I’m finally maturing enough to where I don’t play video games anymore LMAO.


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