Vaping and Weight Loss

ecigarettes and eliquid

I am constantly getting messages from people who have read my posts about vaping and weight loss asking me if it works, and not all stick around in the chat for me to respond properly.  Let me just say that it is not going to help you lose weight.  I have said many times in my posts that vaping is not a replacement for diet and exercise.  If you want to replace the sweet tooth with vaping that’s one thing, but unless you are eating a balanced diet, eating fruits and vegetables and watching your portions and exercising, you are not going to lose weight.

When I started vaping, it was with the understanding that it might help me lose weight, but I discovered that it didn’t do a damn thing.  The only thing it did was get me to stop snacking on candy and junk food, but I was still going to the buffets and still eating bad carbs and all that other bad stuff that you know you shouldn’t eat.  Vaping only replaced one thing for me, but it didn’t help me lose 1 ounce of fat.

From January 5th to today April 15th 2013, I have lost nearly 50lbs.  Want to know how?  Sure you do, that’s why you are here.  I downloaded the Noom app from the Google Play store for my Android phone.  I have been scanning food which are mostly all green items.  Here is a typical day for me.

  • Breakfast at 8 a.m.: Exactly 1 cup of Cheerios with Silk Soy Milk (not measured, I pour it until the cereal rises then I stop).
  • Morning Snack at 10 a.m.: Fruit, like a banana or an apple.
  • Lunch at 12 p.m.: A Weight Watchers Smart Ones meal or Lean Cuisine.
  • Afternoon Snack at 3 p.m.: Either fruit, steamed vegetables or Wheat Thins.
  • Dinner at 6 p.m.: A Weight Watcher  Smart Ones Meal or Lean Cuisine.
  • Evening Snack (Optional): Either Fruit, steamed vegetables, Wheat Thins or Jello.

I’d like to note that I buy the Weight Watchers Smart Ones at Food Maxx for $1.88 and I also get coupons for $3 off when you buy 10, so that is a very good deal for me since it is way more expensive at Albertson’s.  I only buy the Lean Cuisine when they are on sale for the same price which isn’t too often, but I like to have the variety when they are on sale.  Some people may have an issue with them, but they are good and they are real food despite some people saying they aren’t.  They are made with healthy ingredients.  You should give them a try, they might surprise you.

That’s basically my day and that is 1400 calories or less depending on what I decide to eat for my snacks.  I drink coffee in the morning until the pot is empty and then I drink Crystal Light the rest of the day.  I should say you should drink water, but we all know that water sucks.  I should be telling you to cut up a lemon or an orange and soak it in your water pitcher, but come on, Crystal Light tastes so much better lol.  Plus it’s like 50 cents a pitcher, or if you buy the generic version, half that per pitcher.

So that is how I lost nearly 50lbs in 3 1/2 months.  Not everyone agrees with my method, but it works for me.  I haven’t had 1 week where I didn’t lose weight.  Most every week I lose 3 to 4 pounds, but this week it was 1.8lbs.  Why?  I honestly don’t know, but I know that my next weigh in will make up for it.  I probably shouldn’t jinx myself by saying I have lost weight every week, but it’s true.  I normally plateau after the first month, but I’ve kept up the routine and it’s working so I’m going to continue to do that until I am at my goal weight.

I am still vaping from time to time to get the sweet taste in my mouth, but I really don’t need it as much as I did when I was still eating junk food.  I feel as though I have kicked the sweet tooth.  I have all the sweet flavors I need with the fruits and the crystal light.  I don’t even bake fruit cookies anymore to satisfy my sweet tooth because it’s practically gone.

To anyone who doesn’t smoke who thinks that vaping might help them lose weight I will just save you the time and money now by saying it does not.  If you want to lose weight, download the Noom app on your Android phone if you have one, iPhone coming soon.  If you don’t have an Android or iPhone, well what are you waiting for?  Get with the times, sheesh!

The most important thing I can tell you that if you want to lose weight you need to stop going to the buffet and the fast food restaurants and start eating healthy for goodness sake.  That’s your problem right there.  Even if you don’t go to the buffets or to the fast food places, if you are overeating the food you cook at home and not eating a balanced portion then that’s why you are overweight.  You have to look at the label on everything you make and eat the exact portion you are supposed to eat.  Like if you buy a box of Macaroni and Cheese, you can’t eat the whole box, that’s too many calories.  That’s like half of your day right there.  You have to be mindful of how many calories you are putting into your body because that’s why you can’t lose weight.

Also, no more ICE CREAM!  You know you don’t stop at half a cup, admit it.  You put 3-4 scoops in your bowl.  That’s too many calories and that was my big issue.  I have discovered that you can eat ice cream as long as it is made with natural healthy ingredients.  Like this Banana Ice Cream recipe.  It’s just a frozen banana pureed in a food processor with a tiny splash of milk, that’s it.  It’s frozen like soft serve so it tricks your brain into thinking you are eating actual ice cream, but it’s just a banana.  You can do that with any fruit you like.  I tried it with a cantaloupe and it was delicious.

I haven’t mentioned exercise yet.  Guess what?  I haven’t been exercising.  I know I should and I don’t mean to make excuses but I have to.  I have a spinal disease called Degenerative Disc Disease which is very extremely painful.  I can walk for maybe 5 minutes before the pain starts and after 20 it’s debilitating.  I can ride my bike, but guess what?  I started to ride my bike a month ago when the weather started to warm up and I broke my arm.  A broken arm means I can’t ride my bike.  So I have no more options until my arm is healed.  I’m not saying you should eat healthy and not exercise and lose nearly 50lbs in 3 1/2 months, but that worked for me.  I do plan on getting back on my bike when this heals in the next couple or few weeks, so I’m not trying to be lazy, I’m just in a lot of pain and you can’t ride a bike with one arm in a sling lol.

So anyway, I hope I’ve made my point about vaping and weight loss not being a good way to lose weight.  I do recommend that if you are a current smoker and you want to quit smoking cigarettes and start vaping that you should because it is way healthier for you than cigarettes are.  You can quit smoking if you switch to vaping because you can step down on your nicotine.  When you order your e-liquids from Zeus E-Juice (which I highly recommend) you can order as much or as little nicotine as you want with your e-juice for your eGo e-cigarette.  You get a lot of sweet flavors (my favorite is Banana Nut Bread) and you aren’t inhaling or exhaling smoke, it’s water vapor, so you aren’t harming yourself, spouse, children, friends, co-workers or pets.  It’s perfectly safe for everyone if you switch to vaping.

Good luck on your weight loss and I hope my suggestion helped you.

8 thoughts on “Vaping and Weight Loss

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  3. Bliss Doubt

    Your little array of vapor flavors looks a lot more tidy than mine. I’m quite addicted to sample sizes. I ordered some Zeus ejuices on your recommendation, but I haven’t opened them yet because I have so many other small bottles to work through first.

    Anyway, I can’t say that vaping helps you lose weight either, because I haven’t lost any weight this year, but since I stopped smoking in late November, I haven’t gained any weight, and usually just the change in your metabolism from quitting nicotine will cause you to gain 10-15 pounds. However, I have nicotine in my vape, and you don’t.

    I think there is some diet aid potential in vaping. I never drank eggnog during the holidays because I vaped it and it tasted soooo good. At the office, when I’m saying to myself “I will not have one of those doughnuts, I will not not not have a doughnut”, I can pick up my vaporette and puff away on my cinnabun flavor and be satisfied, with a cup of coffee to wash it down.

    But you’re right about something. They’ll have to come up with a “bowl of pasta” vapor flavor before it’s really going to be a diet aid to the general populus, and even then, well, yuck.


    1. Where did you get the eggnog from? Zeus eJuice had egg nog, but it was with rum so it didn’t taste the way I thought it would. I love egg nog but I hate it with rum. Anyway, I do think that helps to prevent weight gain when you quit smoking, so I think that’s awesome that you were able to use it to quit smoking and you didn’t gain any weight from it. That is a huge plus. I haven’t tried Cinnabon flavor yet, but I’m sure it tastes really good.

      Oh and pasta flavor… Yuck lol.


      1. Bliss Doubt

        Actually, don’t get me started on the eggnog flavor issue. What was so delicious, perfect straight out of the mailman’s hand, was ECBlends eggnog, but with a lot of 5-star reviews behind it, they decided to change the recipe! They changed it as of December 24 2012. Now it’s awful, thin, overly sweet, and perfumey. I’m hoping one of the other brand samples I ordered will fill the bill again with that sweet, creamy flavor topped by a pinch of nutmeg. The best cinnabun flavor is from High Caliber, a brand offered by a lot of the online vapor sellers, but they had packaging issues for a while, and you’d get a package with the bottles half empty, swimming in a half full ziplock baggie. I’m giving them some time to work out their issues before ordering more, but I still have plenty on hand. Chasing the dragon, always always.

        Congratulations on all your successes with learning how to eat. It can be difficult to have the last word in that relationship with food. Somehow, since I started reading your blog a few months ago, I never realized you were mending a broken arm. Better, upward, outward, always.


      2. Oh man the egg nog issue sounds like a nightmare. Sorry to hear that. Yeah, I’m healing and even walking around without my sling now sometimes. I’m glad that it’s finally getting better so I can get back to the simple things like doing dishes lol. Right now I’m just focusing on losing weight, I’ve already lost 50 pounds.


  4. actually i have to disagree right away. i actually CAN work with losing weight or at least stopping from piling up extra weight from the switch from smokes to ecigs!

    i’ve been on ecigs for a couple of months now and at first i did put on weight, picking on rubbish food, what with my job taking up most of my day, not having time to eat healthily or working out.

    but then i switched to sweet eliquids from and my weight just dropped. because i got my need for sweets from those, i stopped picking at sweets altogether and i LOST OVER TEN POUNDS additionally to the weight i put on from the switch!


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