Halloween Whopper from Burger King


We rarely ever go to fast food restaurants with the exception of subway. We’re always on a diet to lose weight, but we were in the area and threw caution to the wind.

Unfortunately, Burger King ran out of black buns. I need a trumpet wah wah wah sound effect.

Instead of a Whopper, which I was craving, we both decided to get a Big Fish sandwich. My partner didn’t have a complaint about his, but my tasted weird and left a heavy brick in my stomach. We went to the thrift store next door and I had to leave because I had a sudden urgency to paint the back of the toilet.

Even though I’d rather not eat fast food, I’d still love to eat a Halloween Whopper.

Now I have to go to the gym to burn off the calories from the Big Fish sandwich. I estimate I’ll need to add 30 more minutes to the treadmill today lol.