New Crafts

I haven’t been able to do crafts since around November or December 2007 because my hands would get numb and I would even feel some pain when crocheting in my wrists so I was forced to give it up.  Not too long after that I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome after harping on my doctor every time I went 3 visits in a row.  He told me it’s probably carpel tunnel but sent me to a neurologist to get a proper diagnosis.

Ever since then I haven’t been able to do any crafts at all.  I’ve had to wear wrist straps every night to bed which helps for some strange reason.  Also not doing any crafts helped too.  I still type because I don’t feel that I can use voice recognition because when I do talk my voice is carried into the living room so nothing is private.

Since I haven’t been doing ANY form of crafts I’ve been going nuts.  Last week I picked up a crochet hook and some yarn and started crocheting.  I’ve actually done a good amount of a new blanket.  I went looking in my closet to see if I had more of the avocado color but instead I found these embroidery Christmas stockings that were given to me last year that I knew I couldn’t do.  I gave 1 a chance and so for the last 2 evenings I’ve been working on it and I have to say it’s not as hard as I thought they would be.  I’m actually having fun with it.

My left hand has been getting numb while holding it and my right hand was getting a little bit of pain here and there and so when I get the numbness and pain I stop for a while.  This stocking obviously will not be finished within the next week and half so I’m going to just keep working on it at my own pace and hopefully it will be done by next year.

There are 3 stockings (below) and I would eventually like to have them all done but I gotta do baby steps here lol.  1 at a time for now.


Well I went to the neurologist today for a follow-up appointment. My first appointment was to find out what was going on with my hands. At first they started getting numb when I would crochet and I got to the point where I didn’t like to crochet anymore or do any crafts for that matter. Then they started going numb for no reason and next thing I knew my hands were constantly numb.

When I would crochet I got this pinching in my right hand and sometimes in my left hand too, that’s when I knew for sure I couldn’t crochet anymore. I told my doctor about 3 or 4 times which was in a row, every time I saw him, that my hands were numb and he would tell me it’s because of this or that or the other.

So finally I told him that my hands are numb constantly and I get a pinching in my hands too so he sent me to the neurologist. Well I went, he gave me a prescription for wrist splints for both hands to wear to bed so I do.

A couple of weeks ago I went to get the nerve test which means they wrap these wires around 2 fingers then they take this thing that looks like a stun gun and they zap you on certain spots for a few seconds at a time and the computer does all the work.

So today was the follow-up to that and he said I have a very mild case of Carpal Tunnel syndrome but because they are not numb all the time (thanks to the wrist splints) that I don’t need surgery, in fact he said it would be the very last resort so I have to see him in 2 months to see how it’s going. I’m really happy I don’t need surgery and my hands are good again as if nothing happened.


A few months ago Chips moms friend Julia passed away. Darrin sort of latched onto Julia after his mom passed away and so when Julia passed away her niece Noretta “Jean” Cade gave us some of Julia’s things. Julia was a hoarder, she had a lot of everything and she loved to do crafts. All this yarn is what Jean gave me because she didn’t want to throw it all away, she wanted it to go to someone who can use it. There is also a lot of cross stitch projects, project books, plastic canvas and knitting needles and Cro-Hooks (a long knitting needle with a crochet hook on the end).

It’s very ironic too because I can’t crochet anymore because today I was diagnosed officially with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I need surgery to fix it which can take a while. I have to go to a neurologist to get the diagnosis so my insurance will pay for the surgery.

Toy Chihuahua Sweaters

Well I tried making some sweaters for our little doggy with the Knifty Knitter blue loom but it just didn’t work out too well. First off it’s too hard to put on her because you have to put it on over her head then you have to put her front feet in the holes then pull it down and the bottom of it was too tight to be able to do that because of the way I had to end the sweater.

The neck was too big and the waist was too tight lol. The sweater stretched too much too so it just didn’t look good at all. I’m doing it as granny squares now which will make it much easier to do different color themes for the holidays so it works out.

And doing it with crochet with squares it doesn’t pull over, it just sits on top of her and holds on with velcro in the front and underneath. As soon as I finish the first one which will be for St. Patrick’s Day I will put a picture on this blog plus in the crafts section.

Christmas Tree

We are supposedly going to go to Sears and buy a pre-lit fake christmas tree. The last time I had a Christmas tree I was 19 years old and my neighbors in the apartment building who were all gang members asked me to give them my tree with all decorations and I said no and they threatened me and so what else could I do? I gave it to them. So this will be my first tree in 18 years. I had no idea when I was 19 years old that I’d have to wait 18 years to get another tree. I can’t wait to get it. We have some old decorations from our friend Meg from when she passed away, nobody wanted her Christmas ornaments so we took them. Also Opal has some decorations and ornaments which we can dust off and use. I’m just afraid that they are too fragile. I’m also going to be crocheting some snowflakes for the tree so all is not lost. I want to also make those little mini christmas stockings to hang on the tree branches with little mini candy canes inside them. That should be cute. I will have to put those instructions in my crafts section here.

3D Cookie Cutters

I bought these 3D cookie cutters from Publishers Clearing House even though I knew I couldn’t bake cookies but now I can WOOHOO! So now I can make some cookies for Christmas. I might even make them as Christmas presents. There are several different shapes like snowman and a Christmas tree etc. I’ll have to get a picture for the crafts section when I make them.