I get bored easily, real easily.  When I find an interest in something it’s all I can think of, talk of, even dream of.  But as with everything I get bored with it after awhile.

The boredom graveyard:

Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, EverQuest, crafts, Snood, Just video games in general, the internet… my computer….  my bike?  Maybe soon.

I don’t know, I still visit those websites I’m bored with hoping to find something that will spark an interest again, except for EverQuest because that’s not free to explore.  They charge you $15 a month so it’s not good to be bored with something that you have to pay to play.

I guess I’m just bored with everything, life included.  I’m bored with people who think they are funny.  Wait a minute… I think I’m funny.  Am I bored with myself?  Good lord, I’m bored with myself!  UGH!  I need to make myself laugh and if I can’t do that then I have no hope for humanity.

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