Bike Wash

I decided that today I would wash my bike.  When I was at the store I bought some Dawn dish soap because it’s better at cutting grease than any other soap that I’ve used.  So I put some in a big bowl and grabbed a cleaning brush, it looks like a very very big tooth brush but it’s not.

I scrubbed and scrubbed every thing that was dirty and then I put some WD-40 on it so it wouldn’t give me any problems.  Then after that I started screwing everything that I thought needs to be screwed.

I do need some new peddles though.  The right pedal is breaking so it’s going to be no good soon and I won’t be able to ride it at all until I get some new ones.  The peddles that came with it are hard plastic so you have to expect that.  I’m going to get some metal ones that look the same but aren’t plastic.  And the reflectors keep slipping out of the right one too so that could pose problems.  Good thing I don’t ride at night.

I also adjusted the generator for the lights so it’s not on the top of the tire which provides more resistance when I’m riding.  I made it so it touches the metal wheel instead.  That’s actually the way it’s supposed to be but the directions said I could put it on either way.  I just never changed it until now.