Bike Tire PSI

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I’ve had bicycles since I was a kid and I’ve always had to fill them with air when they get low and I’ve never had an issue with following directions when it comes to how much PSI to put in them.  I’ve only been putting 20 PSI in my tires.  It clearly says on there 40 MINIMUM!  LOL I don’t know why I’ve only been putting 20 in.

I think it goes back to when I first got this bike, I bought a pump but the tire gauge that I have meant for a car wasn’t worth didley because it was saying that it was too low then I would pump too much air in the tire and pop it.  So when I first started riding again last year I bought a new pump with a gauge on it and for some strange reason was only putting in 20.  Well, I think 2 weeks ago I started putting in 30 but it still wasn’t enough.  And during my ride it goes down from 30 back to 20!  UGH!

Ok so I’ve put 40 in both and so in the morning hopefully they are still at 40 lol.  The night I started putting 30 in I woke up the next day to ride and it was completely flat.

Oh and my back tire isn’t true either, it’s wobbly.  I don’t think it’s bent though but I am going to have to buy the tools to tighten the cassette because I think it’s loose.  I’ve been hearing/feeling this clicking that is concerning me.  So I need the tools to tighten the cassette and a spokes tool to tighten those too because I think they might be the reason it’s not true.

I hate having to spend so much money on such a cheap Wal-Mart bike hehe.  If it were an expensive bike then fine, no problem, bring on the expense of tools but it’s not.  With all the money I’ve spent on tools just to maintain this stupid bike I could have bought another one.  Then again I wouldn’t be able to maintain that one either lol.