Going Faster

Today I rode the bike 12.6mph (average speed over 1 hour) which was totally unintentional.  When I first started riding the bike (or when I got my bike computer) my average speed was 10.7 then it gradually went up to 11.1 then 11.4 then 11.9.  It goes up and down every day so it’s not always the same but recently I’ve noticed my average speed as high as 12.1 and up and today 12.6.

As I said it’s totally unintentional.  I’m not paying attention to my average speed while I’m riding.  I’m not even paying any attention to the bike computer at all.  I’m just in my own little world listening to music.  But the faster I go the more calories I burn according to the bicycle computer.  That right there helps me lose this weight.