Fine for Watering Lawn

I don’t know if it is just Kern County or if it is all of California or what but I saw on the news today that the city is banning watering of the lawn except for Mondays and Thursdays before 5am and after 4pm.  You cannot water your lawn except on those 2 days or you will get a $300 fine.

Well if that’s the way it’s going to be then our lawns are going to die because I’m never going to remember that.  I’m probably going to remember to water the lawn on a Wednesday at noon then start watering.  Then I will probably hear the doorbell ringing and have it be Bakersfield Police with a ticket for watering my lawn.  Bogus!

What about back yards?  They can’t monitor people’s back yards.  I just think the whole idea stinks.  I can understand the drought problem and I respect that they are trying to save water but $300 fine for forgetting that I can only water 2 days a week only before 5am and after 4pm?  That’s stupid to do that.  They don’t realize that in Bakersfield it gets so hot and so dry that the lawn dies if it’s not watered everyday.  Twice a week isn’t going to keep my lawn alive.

Well, maybe that’s a good thing then because then I won’t have to mow it as much.