Down Time

Sorry about that.  Today I went to blog something and noticed at the top of my WordPress dashboard there was a notice saying there was a new version available and I tried to have it update itself but it wouldn’t, it said that the file was too big even though it was only a couple of megabytes.

I did a backup of my blog then started doing the manual upgrade and it didn’t work too good so I had to delete everything and try to put the backup back in.  Unfortunately, I kept getting errors so it wouldn’t allow me to return my backups.

I’ve been working all day trying to get it all back in.  Hopefully it will all be back soon.  Thank you for your patience.

More Kodak Problems

Darrin bought me my Kodak EasyShare 5300 printer for Christmas in 2007.  In July 2008 I started having issues with it.  Here is my post in August for that:

Kodak All-In-One Printer

It’s happening again.  11 months after my issue originally started which was 6 1/2 months after getting it.  It’s not printing certain colors at all, it’s printing white lines in the pictures but here is a new issue, the black ink looks smudged like someone ran their hand across the paper after I printed something out.

I emailed Kodak support again to find out if they will help me the same way they did last year which was by sending me a new print head with new black and color ink cartridges.  I’m hoping they will honor their product by sending this to me again.  If not then I will just get another printer (when I can lol).

I have never had this issue with any other printer that I’ve had in my life.  My first printer was, well that was a dot matrix printer in 1989 lol.  I had nothing but problems with the paper slipping, it was back when the paper was all attached and it had those holes on both sides.  Anyway, my next printer which was in 1997 was an Epson printer, never had an issue with it.  That is until I spilled my beer on my desk and it got into the printer.  Then I bought an HP and I never had problems with it.  Then my next one after that was a Dell all-in-one printer.  The only issue I had with that was that they didn’t sell their ink at the store, only online.  Then Darrin bought me this and this is the 2nd time I’ve had the same issue.

I would still recommend the Kodak EasyShare all-in-one printers because I really like how it has the SD card slot on the front so I don’t have to upload my pictures from my camera to the computer just to be able to print a picture to a 4×6 glossy sheet of photo paper.  And I like how their software has the Kodak auto fix or whatever it’s called.

I also love that their ink is cheaper than other brands.  The black is $10 and the color is $15.  The ink package I just bought from Wal-Mart was $27 with taxes and it had 1 black and 1 color cartridge in the box.  Very inexpensive.  My Dell ink was $21 for the black and $25 or something for the color so I was spending almost $50 on ink.

I’m waiting for their response so hopefully it will be positive and not them saying well since this is your 2nd issue you have to buy a new print head but instead ok, we will send it right out to you.  I will edit this post when I get the email.

Edit: I got the email from them saying they are going to send me a new print head.  YAY!