WiFi Scale Tells The World How Fat You Are

WiFi scale notifies the internet of your lapsed diet – source Dvice.com

wifiscaleJust imagine that you have this in your bathroom.  You stand on the scale and all of a sudden the whole world knows just how fat you really are lol.

Through wi-fi this scale will post your weight and body fat percentage to the internet or if you have an iPhone it will transmit it through wi-fi to a iPhone app.

Why in the world would anyone want to do that?  I mean sure if you are skinny like 150lbs or lighter and you are constantly working out and keeping yourself nice and thin then I could understand wanting to brag about how skinny you are but not me.  If this could transmit the info to SparkPeople then fine but it wouldn’t do me that much good to do that because when I do my weekly weigh in’s at the SparkPeople website I also have to measure my waist, hips and neck too.  As far as I know this isn’t that capable.

So, no thanks lol.  I think I’ll pass.

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