Ooooh Scary Bunny Man


I turn the TV on because at 1 I watch Enterprise then Atlantis then SG-1.  Scariest Places on Earth is on and this woman is terrified to go in this tunnel in Rome because she is told the tale of a scary bunny man and if you say his name 3 times he appears.  She says it and then all of a sudden screams while running away and she falls lol.

Oh come on people, do you believe everything they tell you?  Look at that cute wittle bunny wabbit, he’s not gonna hurt you.

So I go to YouTube to find the clips from that episode to put in here but all I find are these videos for “The Bunny Man” in a small town in Fairfax County called Clifton in Northern Virginia.

No I haven’t watched it because Enterprise is on and I’m MISSING IT!  LOL I’ve seen every episode so that’s ok.  But I’m not going to watch it (bunnyman legend video) because it’s too funny to believe.  Call me close minded, call me skeptical or a cynic.  But if someone tells you about a scary bunnyman who lives in a bridge well, I have a bridge I would like to sell you.  It’s in Brooklyn and it’s called the Brooklyn Bridge, I won’t ask for much for it because it’s a little old.  Or maybe I should ask for a lot since it’s an antique.  Get your checkbooks out.

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