Getting Better

At first I was apprehensive about posting this because if you say you think you are getting better then you are basically jinxing yourself and it comes back at full speed ahead.  But I just have a feeling that my shoulder is starting to get better.  It’s not better but it feels like it is getting better.

I’ve been using a cold pack until my rear left shoulder was totally numb then I would immediately put the heat pack on it and it would melt my muscle and the heat felt so good.  I would just do this all day long, giving my back a rest for an hour or so here and there.

I’ve been noticing that the pain has been going down my arm a bit more and more everyday.  At first it was at my shoulder but then creeping down my arm, it would go into my bicep muscle then it was going down to my elbow in my muscles and now it’s getting lower, I don’t know what it’s called between the elbow and the hands but it’s in there now in the middle.

Maybe, hopefully it will just keep going down until it’s at the tips of my fingers until they just leave out my fingers.  Maybe I might see sparklers and confetti shoot out of my finger tips letting me know it’s over.

For now I want and see.  By the time my references come I will be fine again and back on my bike again lol.  Well let’s hope that I will be back to my routine again soon.

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