NOM Sign: Lynch Gay Couples To Save Marriage

NOM Sign: Lynch Gay Couples To Save Marriage | The Bilerico Project

Please read the above article for more information.

Ok well, I’m really just stunned by this.  You really have to read the article in the link provided at the top and watch the videos that are in that article.

This guy who holds these hate signs is very uneducated.  He seriously thinks that god is going to destroy us much like he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  If that were true then Canada and Britain would be gone because they allow gay marriage.  God hasn’t destroyed them.

He also seems to think that being gay is a choice and that he has been tempted and knew it was wrong so he chose not to act on it.  …  I don’t even know what to say to that.  First of all, I don’t know any gay men or even any straight women who would be attracted to that. Pahleez !  Barf!

By making this sign he has threatened the lives of every LGBT person alive.  Is that what god wants?  Does god want people that he allegedly “created” to be hung because this guy doesn’t agree with how they live their lives?

He says in the video that it’s the same thing with people who have artificial insemination.  So, women who have to have their husbands sperm artificially inseminated because their sex is not working to make them pregnant, despite the fact that they are straight are no better than gay people?  Should they be hung too?

Him making and holding that sign makes him no better than a terrorist.  That is indeed a terrorist threat.  Isn’t this something that the cop standing behind him should be thinking about rather than guarding him?  That cop needs to arrest him for making terrorist threats against people.  People who are just doing what nature has told them to do, be themselves.

When I started to type this out I was speechless, I guess not.

4 thoughts on “NOM Sign: Lynch Gay Couples To Save Marriage

  1. ryan

    when i first saw this head line at first i thought it was a hate site,but after sticking around a min a got to read what you said and thank god i did,you make great points and are saying the same things ive been trying to say for five years,ive battled alot of torture and torment from not only strangers but loved ones as well,and its always a comfort to see some one fighting the same battle you are,thank,you,and god bless you


    1. Nope, it’s not a hate site, just my personal opinions about things. When I see hatred towards anybody no matter if they are LGBTQ, black, jewish or whatever you are, I feel I have to voice my opinion and say how much I hate hatred if that makes sense.

      Edited: I thought the post subject had quotes.


  2. ryan

    no i deffinately under stand the hate for hate but you make really good points that help people think and want to support what your saying. if you havent before you should check out


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