Haven’t Been Blogging Much Lately

I don’t know why I haven’t been blogging much at all lately.  Ever since I got my Nook I have been reading constantly, even more than I used to read when all I had were just books.

But, the novelty will wear off soon I’m sure and I will go back to the way things were and feel as though the Nook is just another thing in my life instead of the only thing in my life.

When I first bought my PSP it was the same way.  I was constantly playing video games.  I couldn’t care less about anything else going on around me lol.

Anyway, I do have many books that I’m planning to read, when I say many I mean over 100 but I’m pretty sure that I will have to take days off here and there because of how horrible my eyes are.  The more I read, the worse my eyes get.  Or… I wonder if the more I read, the more my eyes will get accustomed to reading?  I hope the latter.

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