Bearded Lady Reunited with Long-Lost Son

I didn’t amplify the entire article because it is too long but go to the AOL News page to read the rest….

I am posting this because I have seen her in Bakersfield. When I was riding the bus every day to the Gym over in Green Acres (no joke) I saw her just about every day on the bus. I overheard her talking about writing a book or being in a book about her life as a side show in the carnivals about being the bearded lady.

One night we (Darrin and myself) were having dinner at Hometown Buffet and they sat us at this table that was right next to another table where they sat Vivian and another man in a wheelchair. It wasn’t a booth next to their booth, it was 2 tables pushed together so it was as if we were all 4 in the same party but we were each at our respective tables. Whenever they seat us at those tables we’re pretty much quiet during our meal.

Even though we were basically sharing a meal with them, we treated it as if we were at our own table so there was no need for idle chit chat or introductions. Although I’ve wanted to meet her, I refrained out of fear that she would think that I’m only talking to her because of her beard so I basically just left it alone. Does that make sense or does that make me sound like a snob? LOL I don’t mean it to, I just mean that I was respecting her privacy.

I think her story is amazing and I wish her all the best with her newly found son.

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Bearded Lady Reunites With Long-Lost Son

(Sept. 16) — Every adopted child wonders who his biological mother is. Movie star? Rock star? Maybe a big-shot CEO? For Richard Lorenc, she turned out to be the last thing he ever imagined: a sideshow bearded lady.

The 33-year-old Kansas man had always been curious about his birth parents, but with a wife and two young daughters, he was busy making a life of his own. After a recent back injury led to multiple medical exams and many questions about his family medical history, he decided it was time to start digging.

His search began this past spring, when he filed a request with the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services to find his biological parents.

Courtesy of Richard Lorenc After 33 years, Richard Lorenc has reunited with his biological mother, a bearded woman named Vivian Wheeler, in Bakersfield, Calif.

Six weeks later he received a letter from the department saying it had the identity of his mother: Vivian Wheeler, now 62.

It also informed him that both his mother and his maternal grandmother had hypertrichosis, known as werewolf syndrome. Each had facial hair, even as children. The letter further stated that his mother was born a hermaphrodite, with both male and female reproductive organs.

Wheeler’s facial fuzz had appeared at birth with an inch and a half of light hair covering her cheeks and chin. She says her mother wanted a daughter, and doctors were instructed to remove the male parts.

Wheeler claimed her father was humiliated by his bearded little girl, but it didn’t prevent him from capitalizing on her condition. She began working in sideshows at an early age, earning money to send home to her family.

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