The Vampire’s Assistant

I watched The Vampire’s Assistant last night.  This movie was very strange.  Instead of being for 1 book it seems like it was for all of them†.  It just seemed like they were jumping around too fast, the movie didn’t explain anything.  I mean, it summarized a lot of stuff and even changed things around.  Although, I only say that because of how and where Steve was bit by Madam Octa and when he found out that Darren was still alive.

I do know for sure that I am definitely going to continue reading the books now because I feel like I have to find out what really happened in the storyline.  The movie was good visually but not so good at explaining things.  It was too fast.

I rented it from the Red Box but I think what I want to do is buy the DVD.  Better yet, I’d like to eventually get a Blu-Ray player and who knows, Santa might have his little elves building one for me right now as we speak.  I’d love to get it on Blu-Ray because I know the Blu-Ray has better extras to watch.  Once I’ve finished reading all 12 books I might go back to the movie and watch it again.

Madam Octa was cool in this movie, she was blue and red, just like Spiderman hehe.  I love the books but the movie for me was just a tease.  Also, is it just me or was John C. Reilly hot in this movie or what?  It’s true, being a vampire makes you hotter.  I never even gave him a thought until now.

†I was wrong about this.  I have read the first 3 books and only the first book was in the movie, the 2nd and 3rd were not even anywhere close to being a part of the movie.  I assumed only because they seemed to be rushing through all of these stories.  I will continue to read the entire series to get more out of it.

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