Plastic Canvas TARDIS Box

I had previously made a plastic canvas pattern, but I gave up on the actual project because I couldn’t figured it out. I thought I deleted the post, but I guess I didn’t because someone came here and downloaded it and tried making it, and it was way too messed up lol.

So I have remade the pattern so it actually works. Here is the new TARDIS Plastic Canvas PDF file for you to download. I will be make a video tutorial and I will add it to this post as soon as I make it. Check back soon.

5 thoughts on “Plastic Canvas TARDIS Box

    1. It’s difficult as heck to make too. It’s so tight that it twists the plastic canvas. I only got the lid finished, I haven’t worked on it anymore. I’m considering changing it so the stitches aren’t so close together.


      1. Sherry Ibidii

        I moved the Tardis kleenex box over to my new blog/pages area at :

        I also am trying cross stitching with size 7 Aida cloth! When I get done with some of them I will have them at the same Squidoo place. Just click on my name at the top of the page “Ibidii” and you will see a list of my projects. Good luck with your other projects.


  1. Amanda

    I actually did make the whole TARDIS from this pattern. I altered it just a smidge, some of the lid and riser pieces aren’t really the size I thought worked best, but it turned out fantastic. I used 7 mesh canvas, because I was not even going to try using the 1o mesh. Too small for yarn and I wasn’t going to fight it. Also I thought the size worked out better with the 7 mesh. Anyway, I made this as a gift for my sister a couple of years ago. She LOVED it. I made another for a friend who is a Dr. Who fan, and I’m currently working on one for a cousin for Christmas. I did make a top piece for the light and just glued it on. Thanks for making the pattern, while I did alter it just a bit, I would never have tackled starting from scratch.


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