Plastic Canvas TARDIS Box

assembled tardis I have wanted to do this for a very long time and I finally did it.  I made a plastic canvas pattern of a TARDIS.  I have seen some good patterns, but I’m very happy with this.  It’s 10 mesh plastic canvas so you might find it easier to use embroidery floss instead of yarn.

I realize the top is missing a piece, but you could buy a battery-powered light set and stick 1 light through the middle of the roof with hot glue, then stick the rest of the lights around the Police Box signs all the way around as well as the windows on the doors. You will have to use the roof as a lid and not sew it together so you can turn the lights on and off and change the batteries.  You could also line the inside with felt if you wanted to so you could put things inside and not have to see the stitches and the wires for the light set.  If that is the case, you could also cover the battery pack for the light set with felt so that you could still change the batteries and turn it on/off.  Simply line the battery pack and cut around the door and make the switch visible.

Anyway, I’m a huge nerd and love Doctor Who, so naturally I would want to have my very own TARDIS sitting on my desk and I wanted to share it so you could have one too.  I hope you enjoy it, and if you share it, please give me credit and not take my name out.

UPDATE: I wasn’t paying attention when I made this pattern.  There are windows on all of the walls, not just the front with the doors.  Also, instead of using a lighter blue color for the squares, just do it in the dark blue, but add a black border or cut those pieces out and sew them to the inside giving it more dimension.

Edit: I never finished this project because it was too awkward.  The yarn was too thick to do single stitches and it made the 10 grid plastic canvas twist.  If you plan on making this, I would alter the pattern if I were you.


5 thoughts on “Plastic Canvas TARDIS Box

    1. It’s difficult as heck to make too. It’s so tight that it twists the plastic canvas. I only got the lid finished, I haven’t worked on it anymore. I’m considering changing it so the stitches aren’t so close together.


      1. Sherry Ibidii

        I moved the Tardis kleenex box over to my new blog/pages area at :

        I also am trying cross stitching with size 7 Aida cloth! When I get done with some of them I will have them at the same Squidoo place. Just click on my name at the top of the page “Ibidii” and you will see a list of my projects. Good luck with your other projects.


  1. Amanda

    I actually did make the whole TARDIS from this pattern. I altered it just a smidge, some of the lid and riser pieces aren’t really the size I thought worked best, but it turned out fantastic. I used 7 mesh canvas, because I was not even going to try using the 1o mesh. Too small for yarn and I wasn’t going to fight it. Also I thought the size worked out better with the 7 mesh. Anyway, I made this as a gift for my sister a couple of years ago. She LOVED it. I made another for a friend who is a Dr. Who fan, and I’m currently working on one for a cousin for Christmas. I did make a top piece for the light and just glued it on. Thanks for making the pattern, while I did alter it just a bit, I would never have tackled starting from scratch.


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