My Hosted Website

I’m really sad right now. In 2002 I bought my domain from and bought the hosting from another company. Through the years they’ve changed their name several times, but it’s been the same service. I have made the decision to stop paying for hosting and lose all those years of building my website pages and adding content. It just seems like a complete waste of money since no one ever visits my website.

Losing my hosting is fine, but losing all of my blog posts would have hurt me, so I exported all of my blog posts from 2007 until now. I had trouble transferring all of the posts with the pictures because it kept linking the images to my old blog, but thanks to the staff at WordPress, all of my blog posts have been transferred WITH pictures.

Getting rid of hosting will save me $119.40 cents per year. Can you believe that I have been paying $9.95 a month all these years for a website that NO one ever visits? I’ve kept it for me but it’s time to say goodbye. Goodbye hosting, hello money that I will be saving!

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