Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

There is a movie that I just heard about that is from Joss Whedon and family that I am head over heals for.  It’s called Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog which stars Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible and Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer.

OMG it is so good.  It’s basically a 42 minute musical (as by the title) comedy all about Dr. Horrible sitting in front of his computer doing video blogs and he tries to rule the city while Captain Hammer always tries to save the day.  But Captain Hammer is a pompous prick.

Normally you would root for the good guy but in this movie the good guy is a douche and you root for the bad guy instead because even though he is evil to the core, he’s still a sweet lovable guy who just wants to get the girl (gag).

Let’s face it, Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion are perfect for these roles.  They both can sing.  Oh boy can they sing.  And they both do such a great job in this as their characters.

Dr. Horrible’s… was a little movie with 3 acts filmed during the writer’s strike of 2008.  I was told by a friend tonight about this musical episode that it was going to be a new summer 2009 show for ABC but when I went to ABC.com it didn’t show anything so I just assumed it was Hulu only.  Then I discovered that Amazon has the DVD for sale.

I also Googled the shows title and found the official website.  I’m reading the “Master Plan” and I see that it was only going to be available to see on the internet until July 20th 2008 then it’s gone from the internet forever.  But… it is still on the internet.

If you would like to buy it on DVD make sure you go to Amazon and to www.drhorrible.com to download it on iTunes.  They also have some t-shirts for sale for $25.

Nathan is in his own show on ABC called Castle which is on Monday’s at 10/9C and Neil Patrick Harris is still in How I Met Your Mother on CBS Monday’s at 8:30/7:30C.

Which ever show you watch you can also watch them at Hulu, that you can be sure of.

Howard Goes To Jail

Howard K. Stern turns himself in today for allegedly illegally obtaining prescription drugs for Anna Nicole Smith.

It’s about freakin time I say.  If he hadn’t been allegedly supplying her with drugs she and her son might still be alive today.  Although I don’t know for a fact that her son died from this but I’m certain it probably had something to do with it.

Every time I watched her reality show on E! I knew something was wrong with her, no normal person acts like they are drugged up if they aren’t taking something.  She was constantly slurring and walking as if she were drunk.  And that crazy clown video should have been proof enough that she was on something.

Despite her crazy behavior, I really liked her and it was very upsetting when she passed away.  I felt really sorry for her when her son died but then she died and it was a real tragedy.

I really hope that Howard goes to prison for this.

Michael Jackson’s Final Curtain Call

Michael Jackson is doing his final curtain call by doing 10 concerts in London.  He says “this is it” no more after that.  Is this supposed to be a come back?  Because I’m not seeing come back when he says it’s his final curtain call.  Why is he doing this?  Money!  He’s broke because of all his financial problems due to his court issues a couple of years ago.

He has to do 10 concerts so he can have the money to buy a new Neverland in London because his Neverland has been sold and all of his possessions are being auctioned.

I really do feel sorry for him.  He was a gorgeous black man once upon a time and now he’s a gross skeletal white woman.  I really don’t understand what is going through his mind.  His nose is so small and it looks like he doesn’t have a nose.  I don’t want to trash Mike because I like him but come on dude, stop doing weird shit.  You are a very talented person but your BDD is way out of control.

I have BDD also but I don’t have the money to fix my issues.  The only issue I have is my weight so all I’d need is a treadmill and possibly a personal trainer and I’m done.  Maybe go to the hair club for men and get some contact lenses but that’s it lol.

I wish Michael Jackson the best of luck with his final 10 curtain calls and I hope he makes enough money so he can be comfortable even though our shitty economy is spreading like wild-fire to the rest of the world.  Good luck taking all the English people’s money away from them, making them homeless so you can get rich again.

Andrew Lawrence

Wow I was just at IMDB and was looking at Andrew Lawrence (affectionately known as Andy) and see that he will be 21 this year.  He is currently in The United States of Tara (2 appearances so far as Jason).

I remember watching Joey Lawrence when he was in Gimme’ A Break, he was such a cute little kid and I knew from that show that he would make it big.  Now he’s bald and the last thing he did was Dancing with the Stars.

I haven’t seen Matthew in anything in a long time.  The last time I saw him he was on Boy Meets World.

I haven’t seen the youngest brother in years, the last time I saw him he was in Brotherly Love with his 2 brothers.  I do remember him in Jack Frost but that was the last thing I saw him in.  According to IMDB he has a huge credit of 37 titles of movies and tv series.  Good for him.  He’s been working since the age of 3.

Let’s just hope that he continues to work so I can see him really grow up.  I’m just hoping that his character on US of Tara is not that of a homophobe.  Please Andy, don’t be that guy in this show.

Tom Cruise on The View

This morning I wake up (late) and go into the living room and the view is on the tv set.  Now normally I’d go back in my room and get on the computer or something because I don’t normally sit and watch this show.  Rosie ruined it for me frankly.  And it’s a chick show.

But I sat there and they announced Tom Cruise.  Now normally I would get up and go into the other room if I heard his name but I sat there and watched.  This is the Tom Cruise that I like and have missed for such a long time.  He wasn’t outrageous, he didn’t jump on a couch or call Barbara Walters Glib.  He did the interview the way he should have by answering questions.

If he keeps this good behavior up he just might get back into the good graces of people and they might start paying to see his movies again.

They asked him about Jett Travolta about medication and seeing a doctor and he said that it simply isn’t true, in fact it’s the opposite, yes the scientologists take their kids to the doctor and get them medication for whatever illness they have.  His whole thing with Brooke Shields and Matt Lauer was that “he” doesn’t believe in psychiatry or something.  But that was probably his belief and not Scientology.  He was basically speechless about Jett’s death.

He finished the show and he was just perfect in this interview, just perfect.  Good for him and I hope things work out for him.

Jett Travolta

My heart goes out to the family of Jett Travolta.  The Travolta family, John, Kelly Preston and their 2 children were in the Bahamas enjoying a family vacation and their son Jett allegedly had a seizure and fell and hit his head and he passed away.  I don’t know the exact details though so that’s why I say allegedly.

I had seizures when I was an infant all the way up until I was about 15 years old.  I had grandmall and petimall type seizures.  I wasn’t epileptic though but I have a feeling that my seizures weren’t because of epilepsy but instead because of a medication they were giving me.

When I was born I was really shaky.  I had a mild tremble in both my hands which I still have to this day.  I was given Dilantin for the shaking and I ended up having seizures.  They stopped giving it to me for many years, I believe from age 9 until 14, then started giving it to me again when I was 15 and the seizures started up again but they still didn’t contribute it to the Dilantin.  They switched me to Mysolin (sp?) and I had a severe allergic reaction to that medicine and nearly died.  All of a sudden I had a rash from head to toe and that’s the bodies way of telling you that it doesn’t like the medication you are giving it.

Well, back to the Travolta family.  I personally like John Travolta.  I watched Grease a billion times in the 70’s, my sister and I would do the duets together because we both had the entire script memorized lol.  Sad I know.  I especially love that he doesn’t shove Scientology down peoples throats like Mr. Cruise did for 1 year.  He just does his thing and I like that.  He and Kirsty Alley who I love too.  I personally wish that people would stop reporting on Jett’s tragedy because it was an accidental death.  Nobody is to blame and just leave them alone.

I heard on some news show yesterday, I think it was Nancy Grace, she was talking about the release of the autopsy results to the media, she was actually defending the family saying it was a private matter that there was no wrong doing so it is absolutely none of anybody’s business and they absolutely should not release the autopsy results which I totally 100% agree with.  It was a tragedy and the Travolta’s deserve their privacy during this tough time in their lives.

Rosie Live…

Rosie Live… More like Rosie Dead.

When Rosie O’Donnell was doing movies I liked her.  She was a pretty good actress and a pretty funny comedienne too.  I really enjoyed watching her movies and stand up comedy.  Then she came out with her daytime talk show.  Darrin and I watched it every single day, it was a standing appointment for us, we made sure we watched her show and we both laughed and we thought she was the greatest human being for all the things she did for people on her show.  She was constantly giving prizes away every episode.  Not just whenever but all the time.  She would shoot Koosh Balls at the audience during the show and she was on top of the world.  Then all of a sudden she got tired of it and quit and basically handed it over to Ellen DeGeneres.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Ellen’s show too but it’s a different respect you know?  It wasn’t as flamboyant as Rosie’s.  Like Rosie had the desk and it was covered with stuff.  Her set up was like the Tonight Show with the desk and chairs.

Then Rosie went on the View for a year.  Boy what a year that was.  All of a sudden she was pushing her views on everyone and not allowing anyone to disagree with her without her temper flaring out.  You know, it’s one thing to have an opinion and feel strongly about it but when you get into a fight over your passion for it then it’s no longer a talk show.  And remember, every action has a reaction.  Let’s say for example the fight between Rosie and The Donald.  What was that all about?  I mean come on.  That year on The View basically ruined Rosie’s career.

Now she started to go back to the fun days of having a variety hour show which I used to like in the 70’s.  I loved the Osmond hour and the Sonny and Cher show.  I loved those shows.  I don’t seem to remember the brady bunch variety hour.  It’s a very vague memory.  And apparently so is the new Rosie Live show because after only a few episodes it’s being canceled due to bad ratings.

I personally haven’t seen it yet.  I don’t even know what time it comes on.  I have a regular schedule of things that I like to watch every weekday and I think that her show cut into that time frame.  I hadn’t planned on watching it though.

I did like Rosie so I don’t want this to sound like I’m putting her down because I’m not.  I’m just saying that her actions on the view is what destroyed this new chance at a future career in this industry and in order for people to forgive and forget she’s gonna have to do a lot of ass kissing and start apologizing for pushing her view on people who have their own opinions and are passionate about that.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I have views that I’m very passionate about like gay marriage.  I get so upset when I hear people telling me that I have no rights to get married just like a straight person does but I’m not going to let it rule me.  If straight people don’t like me getting married they have that right to think that.  But I also have a right to tell them to shove it up their ass.

Kathy Griffin

Hehe one more post before I go to bed.  Yes I do blog a lot in 1 day don’t I?

We just watched 2 back to back stand up shows of Kathy Griffins on Bravo channel.  She is so freakin’ funny.  I just love her.  I’ve seen those 2 shows at least 5 times each and every time I see it I laugh my butt off.  How can you not laugh?  I love her because she has the balls to say what everyone is thinking but is too afraid to say it.  And it’s all in fun.

If you are so stuck up that you can’t laugh when someone makes fun of you then maybe you need to be made fun of lol.  I know if I was an actor I’d be upset if she wasn’t making fun of me in her act because then I’d know I’m not famous yet.  I’d probably send her flowers and invite her to dinner begging to be made fun of lol.

George From Seinfeld

Well it happened again. Today we went to Albertson’s and one of the ladies who runs one of the cash registers said that I looked like “that guy from Seinfeld”. Nobody ever seems to remember his name. It’s Jason Alexander people and that’s a total insult if you were wondering. Yes I know I’m fat, yes I know I’m bald. You don’t have to rub salt into my wounds.