The house is finished being decorated.  The tree up, all ornaments on it, the wreath on the door with the plastic canvas candy cane I made for it.  It’s all done finally.  I’ve been putting ornaments on the tree here and there because standing for a length of time hurts my back so I can’t be decorating constantly until it’s all done.

We’re not lights on the outside people so that’s not a problem.  I wish we were but I’m just afraid that in this neighborhood someone will come along with a knife and cut the wires if they are low enough to be able to cut.  I know, paranoia right?  Wrong!  One morning I came outside and saw that our hose which was rolled up in the planter was cut and it was a significant amount of hose too.  I went to walk to the store and saw the piece that was cut laying on our grass.  I don’t give anybody in this hood the benefit of the doubt.  They don’t deserve it.

However, we do have an indoor patio which is actually kinda sorta outdoors.  It’s the space between the house and the garage, it has a wall in the front of the building with a door and the back with a giant window and a door so it’s pretty much closed off.  Darrin bought 2 boxes of lights that he wanted to hang out there, not for holiday decoration but just for regular decoration for mood.  Tonight when I was at the store I picked up these holiday light hanger things that have nails and you hammer the nails into the wood then you just press the wires into the plastic and it holds the lights.  This way if you decide to take the lights off you can then when you want to put them back up you don’t have to do anything, just push the wires back in.  It’s really cool.