Fruit Cake

I plan on buying ingredients to make Fruit Cake for Christmas.  But, instead of just doing it the traditional way by either making it like a loaf in a loaf pan or doing a circle with the middle missing, I’m going to do a loaf but then cut it down the middle then cut the 2 pieces down their middle so it’s 4 long pieces so when you slice it, it comes out like cracker sized.  This way if people aren’t sure if they like it or not then they can just get a slice to taste it.  This way people aren’t taking these huge pieces of fruit cake then taking a bite and realizing how gross it is then throwing the rest of it in the trash.  That would piss me off considering how expensive they are.

Now, when I say “how gross it is” I’m speaking purely on other peoples opinions of fruit cake.  I like fruit cake.  I’ve loved fruit cake since I was a kid so to me it’s not gross at all.  Frankly, I don’t know why people would even give them as gifts at Christmas time considering how expensive they are to buy.  They are also a little expensive to make, not as much as if you were to buy one but still expensive.

But cutting them in cracker sized slices is a good idea, I think it is.  You can probably also make cup cake sized fruit cakes so they are individual and you can use the cup cake paper things so you don’t have a huge mess.  Hey that’s a very good idea.  I’m also thinking of putting some german chocolate cake frosting on the top of the fruit cake to disguise it a little lol.  I’m sneaky that way.

Bike Light

I think it was the day before yesterday or something but I noticed that the light generator wasn’t touching the tire when you flip the switch and so I fixed it and then checked out the lights to make sure they were ok by pushing the peddles.  I noticed that the back red light was working fine but the headlight wasn’t working at all.  I flipped the bike upside down and pushed the peddles with my hand to make the back tire turn and the light was just not coming on.

I took the light fixture off the bike and took it apart to see if the light bulb was just out and when I went to turn it to remove it the glass part came off and the metal was just not unscrewing at all.  I’m pretty sure it’s because the light set that I bought was old, it was made in 1991.  I searched high and low trying to find a new bulb, I went to Albertson’s, no go.  I went to Walgreens, not there.  I figured that maybe an auto parts store might have them because they have little tiny lights too but alas the car lights were the same size but no threads.  The guy at the counter told me to try Home Depot or Floyd’s hardware store.

I decided that since I can’t use my bike anyway I might as well wait until I can to worry about it.  But then I noticed a Halloween tap light sitting in a drawer and noticed that the light bulb looked the same.  I unscrewed the 3 screws on the bottom and was able to unscrew the bulb and sure enough, the exact same light bulb.

I brought it to the bike area (this was yesterday) and screwed it in and flipped the bike over and plugged the wire into the generator and pushed on the peddles but unfortunately it didn’t turn the light on.  I put it back in the tap light and put some batteries in there and tapped it and it turned on just fine.

I went searching in a computer drawer with old computer stuff and found some old mic’s from when I got my first computer and never used the mic’s and was all ready to strip the wires to use it but it was late at night and I couldn’t find my scissors so I waited until today.  This morning after Darrin went to church I got up and went out there and my scissors were by the bike so I got all the stuff ready and sat down on the stool out there.  I tried it one more time with the wire that came with the light set but this time I stripped the wire that touches the light to see if it was just messed up there but no go.  I then thought, well what if the light has to be on the bracket on the bike frame so I just placed it on there and turned the peddles and sure enough the light came on.

At this point I’m not quite sure if it’s just sheer stupidity or if my ADD is really that bad lol.  At any rate I’m glad I finally figured it out and got one more problem out of the way so I can get back on with my life.