Fruit Cake

I plan on buying ingredients to make Fruit Cake for Christmas.  But, instead of just doing it the traditional way by either making it like a loaf in a loaf pan or doing a circle with the middle missing, I’m going to do a loaf but then cut it down the middle then cut the 2 pieces down their middle so it’s 4 long pieces so when you slice it, it comes out like cracker sized.  This way if people aren’t sure if they like it or not then they can just get a slice to taste it.  This way people aren’t taking these huge pieces of fruit cake then taking a bite and realizing how gross it is then throwing the rest of it in the trash.  That would piss me off considering how expensive they are.

Now, when I say “how gross it is” I’m speaking purely on other peoples opinions of fruit cake.  I like fruit cake.  I’ve loved fruit cake since I was a kid so to me it’s not gross at all.  Frankly, I don’t know why people would even give them as gifts at Christmas time considering how expensive they are to buy.  They are also a little expensive to make, not as much as if you were to buy one but still expensive.

But cutting them in cracker sized slices is a good idea, I think it is.  You can probably also make cup cake sized fruit cakes so they are individual and you can use the cup cake paper things so you don’t have a huge mess.  Hey that’s a very good idea.  I’m also thinking of putting some german chocolate cake frosting on the top of the fruit cake to disguise it a little lol.  I’m sneaky that way.

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