Ok, what?  When did this happen?  When did they start saying Bromosexual?  What the hell does that mean?

I was bromo-curious to find out what this meant so I just went to the yahoo search engine and typed bromosexual and got this…

Urban Dictionary: bromosexual

ROFL what the… these people that come up with words…  And the person who said it was Ryan Seacrest.  Need I say more?

Skeletal Remains Found in Florida

Skeletal remains of a little girl found in Florida not far from Caylee Anthony’s grandparents home.  They think that it might be the skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony, the little girl who was allegedly murdered by her mother in June 2008.  Notice I said allegedly?

Casey Anthony, who is in prison right now for the murder of her daughter will probably get the death penalty.  They took that off the table but it can be put back on the table.  They are also testing the duct tape that was used to cover the child’s mouth with for finger prints on the glue as well as the duct tape that was used to wrap the little girl with a plastic bag.  When they finish looking at the finger prints they will know without a shadow of a doubt who killed Caylee if it is her.  Also they said there is still some flesh on the skeleton so they can probably do a DNA test to make sure that it was Caylee’s body.  I guess they would do like a maternity test by comparing the DNA of the body with the mothers DNA.

Even though this is good news for everyone to find the body it is still bad news knowing that poor Caylee is not still alive.  But it is not a fact that this is indeed Caylee until the autopsy has confirmed who it is.  The skeletal remains have been sent to the FBI office for study.

Oh one more thing, they said that they found out that there was Chloroform used, they determined that by the smell inside the bag and they talked about how Casey Anthony was doing a search on the internet for Chloroform.  The Fox News team were saying that it is not uncommon for parents to use Chloroform on their children to put them to sleep if they cannot find a babysitter.  WHAT!?!?  Not uncommon?  Holy cow!  What’s going on in this world?

Update: I saw on the Fox News ticker just now that a utility worker who was going into those woods to take a leak found the bag and picked it up and a skull fell out.  The skeleton was found 1/2 a mile from the grandparents home in Florida.