Cost Of A Fruit Cake

I just cannot believe how much it costs to make a fruit cake.  Now I know why those things are so expensive.  Dang $51 so far and I still need eggs and margarine.  By the time I have all the rest of the ingredients it will be $55.  I just hope that it makes a whole lot of fruit cake.  It better.

I wanted to make it so bad because I can never find it in the stores and when I find it online it’s so expensive.  A 1lb cake is $25.  I’m sure that I have about a 10lb cake so far lol.  I’m going to have to split it up into a few smaller ones because fruit cake doesn’t have a very good reputation.  I bought these small loaf pans that have lids (disposable pans) and there are 3 in the pack so I can make 3 small.  I also have a regular size loaf pan which I’m going to start with then put the rest in the smaller ones.  I want to bring the small ones because I know that people are going to waste big slices if they don’t like it and it’s too expensive to throw away.

All I know is if I see 1 piece of fruit cake in the trash I’m gonna lose it lol.  Just kidding.  Maybe lol.