Gruber Assist Electric Bike

Ok, this is new.  This easily adds the ability to turn your bicycle into an electric bicycle and nobody will ever know.  Here is the link to the dvice article:

Gruber Assist electric bike:  Only your cycle mechanic will know for sure

The kit will cost you an arm and a leg or if you have money it will cost a mere $2,473.  But if you are trying to cheat in a race then it will pay off.  Nobody will ever even know.  That is until they hear your bicycle because it does have some noise.  Watch the video in the Dvice website.

You have the option of turning it on and off so you aren’t always using it.  So perhaps when there are no other riders around you can turn it on, speed up to get ahead then when someone shows up turn it off so they won’t suspect anything hehe.  Personally this would help me get to the bike trail faster then I can go much further and get more exercise done.  Then when I go home I can just coast along.  The battery lasts like an hour to an hour and half so that wouldn’t be too difficult.

But… no money hehe.


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