Better Than Me?

In the season finale of Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List, she was getting a star on the Palm Springs walk of er… fame?  She was visiting Suzanne Summers and they were walking through her “organic” garden and Suzanne was basically beating up Kathy for drinking diet sodas.

I know it seems that in all of my posts I’m talking trash but I’m not telling anyone that I’m better than they are because I have TONS of faults.  I’m not perfect, nobody is.  And people who eat healthy certainly are not better yet they act like they are better than everyone else.  Vegetarians too.  They act so superior because they don’t eat meat and you are such a horrible person for eating a hamburger.

It’s arrogant for anyone who eats organic or vegetarian to think that they are better than everyone else and to me it just shouts douchebag alert.  When I saw Suzanne basically making Kathy feel bad for sneaking in diet soda at her party it made me cringe because she has no right to tell anyone what they can and cannot drink.  It’s like the arrogance of Christians for telling gay people they cannot get married.

Wow, how did I sneak that in there?  LOL

Edit: I have to make a correction in this post.  Ok 1st, it was wrong for me to say douchebag alert.  And 2nd, a person does have the right to say that you cannot sneak something into their house because it is “their” house after all and if they don’t want something in then you shouldn’t bring it in.  Talk about arrogant.  I was being arrogant in both cases.  I truly am sorry.

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