Shocking Gates Drama

I love this new show The Gates on ABC. It’s about a rich community that all live in the safety of “The Gates” with round the clock security. They have their own schools, their own shops, their own police station. Nobody gets into the gates unless they live there.

What’s different is that there are supernatural beings living within the gates. Vampires, Werewolves and even a Succubus.

In last nights episode, the main vampire couple Dylan and his wife Claire deal with the kidnapping of their daughter Emily. But we find out in the episode how they adopted her. Claire it turns out killed her parents but then discovered after the fact that they had a baby sleeping upstairs.

Instead of leaving the baby in the house until the parents are discovered so that she can grow up with her next of kin, they take her. They justify it by saying that they thought that the parents (who were both on drugs at the time that she killed them) were scum and nobody would care about them.

Nick the vampire who kidnapped Emily, brought her to the same house she was taken from to stay with her aunt and uncle who have been searching for her for the last 8 years and it turns out her birth name is Piper.

The moral question is, when Claire and Dylan finally figured it all out and went to the house to get her back, should they have taken her away from her true family? I mean sure, when they kidnapped her they legally adopted her, probably from vampires no doubt but should that adoption have continued? Shouldn’t they have done the right thing and say “look, we know what we did was wrong and we know that she should spend the rest of her childhood with her true family”?

With all these child abductions and child murders in the news lately, I think that the answer is they should have surrendered her to her legal family. The reality of it is, the only way they are going to continue living as docile vampires is if they keep Emily. If they lost her they would go back to their old ways of killing people. And even though it’s wrong for them to keep Emily, they need Emily more than she needs them.

I can’t condone their actions but it is however just a tv show. In real life they would’ve been expected to give her up, as they should have in the show.

I wonder what Nancy Grace thinks of all of this.

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