Windows Live

A couple of years ago I got sick of using Outlook Express as my email client because it didn’t have a junk filter. I started searching for a new email program and after a few failed ones that added banner ads at the bottom of every email I found Windows Live Mail and I’ve been using it ever since.

Today I kept getting these messages saying something about my server not responding and I got sick of it so I thought, I wonder if there is a newer version of Windows Live Mail so I went to Google and found it. I was using the 2008 version and found that there is a 2011 version. Unfortunately for me, that is for Windows Vista and 7 only. They did have a version for XP users which is the 2009 version. Yes, I get to use last years model. But it’s still an upgrade for me considering I’ve been using the 2008 model anyway. I’m still having that issue with the server but it has nothing to do with my email client but more to do with my ISP.

It gets better though because I got a few new programs along with it. Not only did I get Windows Live Messenger — which is basically MSN Messenger which I got with the 2008 version — but I also got Windows Live Call, Family Safety, Photo Gallery and Writer.

Windows Live Call opens Windows Live Messenger so I can only assume you can make Skype like calls. Not video calls, well you can do that too but I mean calls to a persons actual telephone.

Windows Live Family Safety is great for families with children especially if you don’t want your children being exposed to the dangerous world of the internet. It allows you to prevent certain websites from being viewed by anyone on the computer. I haven’t tried it because I’m not a child lol. Well, it’s debatable.

Windows Live Photo Gallery is not unique but it is a useful tool for photographers and anyone who wants to organize their photos, or just look at them. I don’t know. I don’t really have a need for that program.

Windows Live Writer. Now that’s something that I can use because it’s a bloggers tool. It doesn’t have certain things that I would like for it to have like oh I don’t know, a grammar check for example. It has a spell check where it gives you that wavy red underline but nothing for my bad grammar and punctuation. It also has something like 158 plug-ins available that are useful. Some that I already use in my Word Press blog. There are some other plug-ins that I wish were available for it but I’m sure they will become available in the future.

I am using the Windows Live Writer to write this post and if it looks good in my blog then I may consider switching. It works with many websites like WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, Community Server and many more. I have a Blogger account but I never use it because I hate having to copy/paste posts.

I know I’m late on all of this info but it’s new to me.