Atomic Alarm Clock

A few months ago I sent in a publisher’s clearing house thing with a stamp for an atomic alarm clock.  I’m kinda sick of having to set my TV to wake me up in the morning and I wanted something that was atomic because it sets itself via satellite.  It’s not a radio alarm clock and it takes batteries, not plugged in which makes it even easier if we lose power.

As soon as I get it I put some batteries in and it says that it’s 12:00 and it doesn’t update right away like you see on the commercials.  In fact it is still not set right, it says 5:08pm when it’s really 2:06pm.  I read in the manual about how it works and it says that it doesn’t talk to the satellite until nighttime so I pretty much have to wait until tonight for it to update.  It also thinks that today is January 31st lol.  Frankly I don’t know how to set it yet so I am just waiting for it to set itself and hope that it sets the date too.

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