The Direction of Heroes

Season 1 of Heroes was fantastic.  I just loved it so much because it’s right up my alley.  I love anything that is strange and supernatural.  Something that is not normal.  And this show has nothing but abnormalities.

Season 2 came along and it ended in the middle of the season thanks to the writer’s strike.  The creator/writer of the show didn’t like the direction he was going, it was ok to me but he decided to end it and go for a season 3 and try to fix things.

Season 3 comes and it just goes in a totally different direction that I’m not sure I like.  Nathan is capturing people with abilities and holding them as prisoners?  What?  He has abilities.  What makes him so special?  Why doesn’t Hiro have his ability and why can’t Peter hold onto more than 1 power at a time like before?  That was the thing I liked about Peter and Hiro, their ability.  Also, it screws up the future because Peter came from the future to the past to change things and he had all his abilities that he had before.  If they are going to change the present then they have to change the future to reflect the present.

I hope that they put things back to the way they were because I’m about to stop watching it.  Ok, you know I won’t.  I love Sylar too much to stop watching lol.  Him and his long thick black eyebrows hehe.

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