Kindle Comic Books?

I wonder if someone can respond to this.  I’m very curious about Comic Books being available on the Kindle 2.  I know that some comic books are full size like magazines so you have a larger page and if it’s shrunk down for the kindle will it be harder to read.  Or perhaps if it is available for the Kindle, will you only get 1 box at a time,  What about the bigger boxes that take up the whole page of the comic book?  That will definitely be harder to read.  Maybe it would have a zoom?  Or does the Kindle 2 have zoom?

I think it would be a cool idea to have comic books available on your Kindle.  If someone googles Comic Book with the word Kindle please respond to this if you find this post and let me know what you think.  Is this going to be available?  Would you like it to become available or is it just better to have them in paper form for their value in the future?

Just so that I don’t look like a complete moron, I went to Amazon and searched for comic books and found this Serenity, Vol. 1: Those Left Behind [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback).  I see that it’s not available for Kindle so I clicked the “I’d like to read this on Kindle” link.  Yeah, I know, I don’t have a kindle yet but I’ve been clicking that for a lot of books just so they do become available.  At some point I’d like to get one, some day.  But that Serenity book says paperback but it is a comic book.

I looked up Spiderman comic books and they all say paperback and they all have the “I’d like to read this on Kindle” link.

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