Bike Cam Vid Done

I got my bike cam video on the computer without issue (YES!).  I found 3 good songs to put in the video and used my Adobe Soundbooth to mix them like a DJ would lol.  I added the song then sped up the 20 minute video to 8 1/2 minutes so it fits with the songs.  It’s all ready to go, I just need to get it on YouTube.

I was a bit disappointed that the video was shaking so much, I mean from side to side because of the handlebars but when you are riding a bike you can’t keep it from doing that lol.  It is physically impossible to get the video to be still constantly the entire time.  Especially when it’s mounted to the handlebars.  If it were mounted on my helmet then perhaps that would be different but on the other hand every time I move my head up or down or left or right or behind me, the video moves too so it sees everything I look at which would be way more annoying lol.


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