Bike Cam Video

I went back on the bike trail today with my camcorder hooked up to my mount that I made and when I came home I immediately hooked the camcorder up to the computer and it didn’t fail the import, it failed on Saturday morning.  I’m still confused as to why it did that but that’s ok because watching the video showed me how much I need to stop moving the bike from left to right so much when video taping lol.

It’s always a learning experience right?

So anyway, now that I have it on the computer I can make it go fast and add some music to it.  It’s a 20 minute video but I’m going to speed that up so it fits about 2 or 3 songs so hopefully about 8 or 9 minutes.  I don’t want to bore people too much but at the same time I don’t want it to go so fast that you can’t see what’s happening you know lol.

So, I’m going to be working on that for awhile.  I can’t upload it to YouTube until I get some money because this program that I use which is the best program, Pinnacle VideoSpin.  It’s a free program with conditions.  You get I think 2 weeks free use out of it then after that you have to pay $15 for the codec, otherwise you won’t even be able to import your video into the software.  I’ve tried other programs like windows movie maker, I also bought Adobe Premiere Elements 3 and those 2 programs won’t let you make your movie for YouTube to be able to have it in widescreen.  Your video ends up having the bars on top and bottom but also on the right and left.  That’s no good.

So, until I get the codec for it when I get money then I will upload that video.  I’m also going to take the opportunity to do some other videos while I’m at it of some video games then just do them all on the same day.

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