Thumb Sucking Adults

What is up with thumb sucking adults?  I’ve seen teenagers with a pacifier in his/her mouth or sucking their thumb.  Today we passed this lady in her car sucking her thumb while driving.

I’m not here to make fun of anyone but I just want to know why they do it?  I’ve been reading up on it and apparently it’s all psychological.  But there are problems associated with thumb sucking.  Such as your teeth grow so that your thumb can stay in your mouth and your tongue gets this white coating on it.  Your thumb also can get sores on them where the teeth are biting down on them as well as your skin becomes red and infected because of the constant moisture from the inside of your mouth.

Not only that but your fingers are digging in your purse or pocket, intermingling with objects outside of the mouth such as poles, door handles, money… etc.

It’s a disgusting habit and these adults need to grow up and stop sucking their thumbs and teenagers especially, it doesn’t look cool to either be sucking your thumb or have a pacifier on a necklace around your neck.  Come on, seriously, pick up a different habit because you look like you belong in a psycho ward.  It’s hard to look like a thug with a pacifier in your mouth.  If you come up to me with your jeans around your knees showing me your boxers with that street thug strut, don’t expect me to take you seriously when you have a pacifier or your thumb in your mouth.

4 thoughts on “Thumb Sucking Adults

  1. It’s a habit, comfortable…like crossing one’s legs, except for its social definitions. Most adult thumb suckers don’t have the maloclusion you allude to, and most of them are very careful with their thumb being clean, etc.
    Why do they do it, besides habit? It’s free, legal, quiet, instantly comforting, without drugs or calories, aids in sleep and concentration (even resulting in brain wave formations that are very similar to meditation), and more…that’s why.


    1. Michel McDonald

      Wow. I’m reading my post again that I wrote 10 years ago and I sounded a bit harsh back then. I am not the same insensitive person I was then.


      1. Good to see that you’re growing wiser with increasing age. It’s supposed to work like that but, in reality, too often doesn’t. Humility comes with empathy, self understanding, love and experience, knowing that most of us start out from zero, including ourselves.

        It’d be interesting for you to do a follow-up article (same subject hopefully), just to see how different it would read. 🙂

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      2. Michel McDonald

        I’ve definitely grown, and I am really embarrassed about my feelings from this post. I am usually a live and let live person. I can’t help how I used to feel, I can only say I don’t feel the same anymore.


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