Fart Jokes

Why is it that fart jokes are just so much fun?  You are so embarrassed when you do fart when you get caught, that is unless you did it on purpose to get a reaction out of people.  Or when you hold out your finger to a child and say pull my finger.  It’s just that the sound of a fart is hilarious.  The smell however is the most nasty, disgusting thing so there is a bad side to it lol.

However, there are some people who just detest making light of a fart.  They are such uptight people who think they are better than the rest of the world because they think a fart joke is in bad taste.  Uh, Hello!  Fart jokes are in bad taste, we realize this.  It still makes me laugh when I see someone farting in a movie and they can’t control it.

I watch South Park.  OK, did I just hear someone say nuff said?  That guy is right.  South Park is chock full o fart jokes and even though it’s so dumb and stupid it’s hilarious and I can’t stop laughing.

Get over it people.  Oh, one more thing, would you do me a favor?  Can you just pull my finger?  It will make me feel so much better.  Go on, you know you want to.

Ahhhhhhhh thank you so much I feel so much better.  Now you’re gonna want to clear the room.  It’s for your own safety.

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