Big City Slider Station

Have you seen this commercial on TV with Billy Mayes?  He’s selling this thing called Big City Slider Station and it’s this neat little gadget that you scoop up some meat and put it inside the 5 compartments and you press with the lid and then you put it on the stove burner and it cooks 5 mini burgers from the outside in.  It only takes 2 minutes so you can cook more immediately.

One thing that I have learned about teflon is that when you are finished using the teflon pan, just leave it on the counter or stove top.  Do not put it in water right away.  If you don’t let the pan cool down on its own then it could warp the teflon and then it starts to peel off.  I have made this mistake but it’s because I didn’t know.  Well, I now know so I will be comfortable using this as long as I don’t drop it into the sink immediately.

Here is a funny clip I found on YouTube.  Enjoy.


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