New Wheel

I finally got my new wheel today although there is a problem with it lol.  I put the tube and the tire on it and screwed it to the bike and then started putting air into it.  As I was putting air in it I saw that the tire at the bottom was bulging out and so I stopped putting air in and started taking it out again.

I don’t know what happened but apparently it’s the wrong size.  The tag said 26″ so I thought it was the right thing but the tire says 26″ x 1.95″ so I can only assume that the wheel is not right some how.

I’m not going to return it yet though.  The guy said I had like 2 weeks or 1 month or something, I didn’t hear him but he said I had time to return it if something was wrong with it.  I’m going to ride it tomorrow to see if it does good or not.  If not then I’m going to have no choice but to return it.

Just to be sure I’m going to go out to the patio and take the air out of it and adjust the tube and wheel a little then put air in it again just to be sure.

I really hope it works out because I need to get back on the bike trail because my weight is out of control.

P.S. Ok so I went out there and put the tire back onto the wheel and pumped it up right on the table instead of on the bike which I think is the right way but I did it on the table and it was fine.  I put it pumped up on the bike and it seemed pretty sealed up with no problems.  I rode it for a minute and it was perfectly fine.

If I have issues tomorrow on the bike trail or even on the way to the bike trail then I guess I’ll have to walk home and then return the wheel for a new one.  Although, I’m going to have a long walk depending on where I’m at.  That is unless I can just deflate the tire then pump it up again but not fully just to get me home faster.

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