Yardsellr Negative Comments

I’ve posted in here several times that I am on Yardsellr now.  Well, I have been noticing some disturbing trends happening over there.  Apparently it’s not just happening to me but other people as well.

People troll the Yardsellr website then leave nasty comments in people ads.  The other day 3 people left negative comments in my Pedi Paws ad saying the product is not worth your money, don’t waste your time etc.  Uh excuse me but I’m trying to sell it.  I don’t care what you think it’s worth.  Don’t go on my ads telling potential customers of mine that it’s a piece of crap and make me lose a sale.

Another person posted a comment on a video game of mine saying the game was gay.  I didn’t delete the comment but then he came back and posted another comment accusing me of deleting his prior comment and saying “gaaaaaaaayyyyyyy”.  Where were these people raised?  In the forest by wolves?  Don’t people have manners anymore?  First off, I didn’t delete your first stupid comment and second of all, I should just delete both your comments on principle.  I don’t even know why I didn’t delete them, I guess I figured if I deleted them I would get more spam in my other ads which I don’t want.

I clicked the “feedback” button so I could make a suggestion that they add a link or button to “report abuse” so that perhaps if a person gets reported enough times, their account might get banned from either commenting or using the website.  That’s when I ran into another persons feedback saying they are having the same issue as me.

Look, I’m all for leaving comments saying a product isn’t worth a damn but do it on a website that actually makes money.  Don’t leave those comments on a website where people are trying to sell their useless crap so they can scrape enough money together to buy groceries or pay their bills.

Besides the report button, I think they should also add a way for me to approve a comment before allowing it to be posted, just like in my blog and/or YouSayToo.  After so many nasty comments I have decided to make it impossible for people who aren’t members of YST to leave a comment and even members comments have to be approved before they be allowed to be seen.  On my blog the comment is not seen period until I approve it and that’s how it should be everywhere.  If I think a comment at Yardsellr is going to help me make the sale then I should be able to approve it but if it’s negative then it’s my prerogative to delete it and I shouldn’t be hassled by people who have too much time and negativity on their hands.

I wish people would grow up and stop with the internet bullying.  It doesn’t serve any purpose to be jackasses online.  My mother used to tell me that if I don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.  I know it sounds corny but it’s true and should be applied to the internet too.  And parents, please monitor your children’s activity a little better.

8 thoughts on “Yardsellr Negative Comments

  1. lucy

    worst online marketing place EVER!!!! i bought and sold some stuff, and had really bad experience. the yardsellr employees are very rude too. they were fake nice to me at the beginning, kept saying: “we will give you your payment within this week.” and i hadn’t got my payment for a month…A MONTH. so i emailed them several times. and they started being rude. i was seriously concerned about their financial status because they delay sellers’ payments A LOT!!! i’m not concerned anymore because i stop using this crappy website.

    this review is based on my real experience. if you want to have a pleasant experience buying/selling, then never go to yardsellr.

    by the way, if you go to facebook and see that they have a lot of awesome 5-star reviews, that’s because they give money (photons) to their users who make positive comments. this is very cheap and unethical practice. THEY USE THEIR MONEY TO BUY POSITIVE REVIEWS..!!!


    1. I’m sorry you had that experience. I stopped using their website, not just because of the rude comments in my items but because nobody wanted to buy my stuff, only rip me for selling them. And yes, they have sent me emails about giving them reviews for photons which I haven’t because I don’t buy/sell anything from them so there is no reason I would want photons lol.


    2. Ann Fuller

      Yardsellr giveth and they taketh away. I had over $200 in Photon$ and was also on the Leader Board for winning $500.00 for shopping the most. I was removed from yardsellr for reason I do not agree with. I think they did this on purpose. At the last day of the Month yardsellr gives prizes to whoever shops the most. I was #1 on that Leaderboard for the past 2 weeks and very Determined to win. I believe I would have but now will never know. I believe yardsellr makes up there rules as they go along. I was also a seller on yardsellr and talk about holding onto your money! Well they are behind in my money they owe me. They have me blocked from my page so I cannot even Log in to see who I need to ship to. Seller are still sending me photon$ gifts. I wonder where these are going? Sellers pay for photon$ to gift to their Customers. Yardsellr says these photon$ are a privilege that they give? The sellers purchase them! The staff at yardsellr are nice at first and than the more you talk to them they do get ugly. You would not believe the replys I have received from them. I plan on doing something about this but do not know what yet. Anbody have any ideas?
      Well until Later,


  2. Millie Pasture

    I found your site when surfing …for what, I don’t know. Thought you might be interested in a site I use call listia.com. It’s like ebay or yardsellr, but you get credits instead of money. Fortunately, the credits can be used to get almost anything you want in their auctions. I like it because I can sell and buy stuff and I don’t ever have to feel guilty that I am not paying sales tax because I’m not using real money.
    Check it out; use my sign up and I’ll get free credits. Look me up when you get there and I can help you out if you need it.


  3. Lacreta Doty

    I personally love this site! I’ve been selling and buying on Yardsellr since April 2011. I’ve sold a lot of great stuff on this site, and purchased some really nice items too:) I’ve met a lot of wonderful people on the site, whom I’d never met any other way that just that…through the site! It’s been a great experience selling with them, and I list new items every week. They are making new improvements all the time, they are still growing, but they have accomplished a lot in the short time they have been online. The staff is always very friendly and quick to respond to any questions you may have. They treat you like a person and not just a number like that other online greedy auction site, I refer to as FEEBAY. I sold 10 years with them, and the happiest day I left was when I left FEEBAY once and for all. I will never use EBAY again, I have no need to with Yardsellr. Sellers pay no fees, no feedback rating system for people to manipulate sellers, easy and quick way to get paid, excellent staff….what more could anyone want. I’m very happy here and am here to stay!


  4. Charlotte

    I do like yardsellr to sell my items. I hardly buy from there unless I see something nice at a great price. I notice that a lot of sellers are buying things cheap from eBay and re selling it for over 5x what it’s worth ! I think that is ridiculous ! People are getting ripped off and then there are other people who sell things they don’t even have in there possession. For example.. A seller on eBay (from china) is selling leggings for $4.90 free ship, then a yardsellr seller list the same item but for $15 (plus yardsellr slice) and it will take 15-21 days to receive it bc they have to buy it off eBay. I like Yardsellr but I Love EBay, they truly have the best deals and no fees to buy.


  5. Dana

    The worst ecommerce site ever. Sold items, tracking numbers given, delivered and not paid..Always get paid before you ship out an item. This site seems sketchy to me. I will never use it again. The things people sell on YS especially is a bunch of useless crap!!I saw one lady selling Asprin in a bag with a title “Bag full of goodies” lmao..really?? was loaded with tampons, ky jelly, a pregnancy test..Excuse my typing im going to piss myself laughing.. Whats next, Selling their children?? I even saw someone had put 4 boxes of Kraft Macaroni and cheese for 8.00 are you kidding me?? I know times are tough but really who wants to shop on a site that allows this..A friend ordered a t shirt from a lady looked great in the picture when she recieved the shirt it had cigarette burns and stains on it.. She ended up throwing it away ..she had used photons but we got quite a laugh out of it..So If you use this site good luck..


  6. Diane

    Ann Fuller, Contact the California Atty General And BBB !!.They will get your money to you..The site is horrible and yes the employees are extremely rude and yes they do make up rules as they go along..I think people with paypal should be paid instantly for starters..Especially since the employees dont like to pay you for the higher priced sales..I was given style points, put them to my listings to give the customers deals and get sales..Well Lisa decided it was time to punish me..for entering invalid tracking info..and the customers wonder where their item is..well whatever im done..just waiting for my last payment..Good luck and by the way, addoway is a wonderful site..INSTANT PP Payments..The Employees are wonderful, they have a live chat option, they even have a group on FB and are extremly friendy and supportive..Each time you make a sale you can donate to different charities such as the tornado victims relief fund, animal cruelty sites..ect..ect..there is a fee to sell but it is worth it..Just amazing and you dont need to log into FB to use their site..Its great http://www.addoway.com So best of luck..


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