3D Cookie Cutters

I bought these 3D cookie cutters from Publishers Clearing House even though I knew I couldn’t bake cookies but now I can WOOHOO! So now I can make some cookies for Christmas. I might even make them as Christmas presents. There are several different shapes like snowman and a Christmas tree etc. I’ll have to get a picture for the crafts section when I make them.

The Use of Our Oven

We haven’t had the use of a stove since we moved into Opals house after she passed away and so Darrin decided that he wanted to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving instead of going out like we always do so he bought a package of cookies to bake. Well, I turned the oven on to 350° and it works. It’s an electric oven but it seems to work fine. See, we haven’t touched it because it’s an old oven, it hasn’t been turned on in 30 years. But it seems to be ok. Although, perhaps I’m talking too soon… Prepare for an edit to this post haha.