Reynolds Handi-Vac

Last night I saw a commercial for Reynolds Handi-Vac vacuum sealer. It’s a new, cheaper way of storing food in the freezer. You’ve seen the infomercials for those food vacuums where you put something in the bag, hold the end up to the sealer and it sucks all the air out then it burns the bag so it seals then cuts it. Those things can cost anywhere from $100 – $300 depending on the type you buy. Well, the new Reynolds Handi-Vac is very small. You fill these ziplock bags with your food then zip it closed then put the machine on the air valve and press the button and it sucks the air out. When you need to open the bag to get something out of it you can then seal it again. Their website said that it’s best if you just throw them out when done because they are disposable but I have a weird feeling that they wont last too long so I’m gonna save the bags hehe. I bought the machine plus a box of 9 gallon size bags. I’ve been filling them up with everything, rice, espresso grounds, baby carrots, ham, spam and steak haha. I’m done for the night lol.