Christmas Tree (Continued)

Well I just put up the Christmas Tree in the living room. It looks so good. There were 4 sections and I had to place the bottom in the tree holder and remove the giant red twisty hehe. All the branches are on these metal wires that fall down when you remove the twisty tie, it’s really cool. I haven’t had a christmas tree for a very long time. It took awhile to fluff it up but I got all 4 sections together and fluffed and it looks awesome. Now all we need to do is put the decorations on it. We got these shiny balls from the dollar store (they were actually $2) green and red and silver that look like little disco balls hehe. They are plastic so they wont break which is really good. I like decorations that I don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the arch of my foot. We also have a bunch of Megs decorations that she used on her tree. As I said in my last blog about Christmas tree, were going to put candy canes on it and I’m going to crochet some decorations. It will be so nice.