Huge Coffee Cups

About a month ago we were at Albertson’s and I saw they had these huge coffee mugs in the coffee section and I can’t remember but I think they were cappuccino cups. We’ve been using them for many things like soup bowls, cereal bowls, huge coffee cups which I can never finish without spilling hehe. So tonight Darrin said that he wanted a cappuccino (cause we have a cappuccino maker now) so I thought I wonder, instead of using the regular coffee mugs if I should just use the big ones and do a full pot for him and a full for me. So I did and that was such a good idea. I have so much energy lol. I’m AWAKE!

Back Up And Running

Ok I finally got my website back up and running. I was having problems with the horizontal line (candy cane above and under this entry) but I got it all figured out finally. I had to go into “photo shop” to move the icing in the background so it’s wider so I can fit all the text in that space. The Christmas bulbs were making it too big. It’s all good now hehe.

Disappearing Act

My website disappeared tonight (Monday 11/12/07) because I deleted it all to start fresh so I could remove some unwanted things but it backfired and eventually it all got put back. Except there are some pages, lots of pages in fact that are missing. I haven’t converted those yet to the gingerbread theme. I’m still working on that so as soon as I am finished it will be back. Thank you for your patience.