Boring Work

Working on this website is making me fall asleep so I’m going to stop doing it for today. I got a lot done but not all of it. So anyway, the old pages are still in the navigation so there aren’t any drastic changes. I will work more on it later or tomorrow.

I knew I had a lot of work to do on my website when I decided to change the theme but I had no idea I had so many pages to change. And I’m gonna have to go through this again after Christmas when I put in a new theme hehe.

Gingerbread Theme

I just bought a Christmas theme for my website (As you can see the Gingerbread theme) so this will be my Christmas theme. I will still be looking for a regular theme that I will use after the holidays are over.  I’ve only made the front page with this theme so far but I will be working on the rest of my website later.  It’s going to be a job to get it all done hehe.


I am on the search for a new theme for my website. If you would like to help me in my search go to (I use FrontPage) and look through all of their themes (or choose a category) and email me to tell me what you think I should make my theme. Make sure it is one of the themes that are $14.95 because I like the ones that are connected like this one. If I like it I will buy it and tell people that you told me to get it. Use the Email Me button in the menu to let me know what you think. Make sure you tell me who you are otherwise I won’t know who to give the credit to.