Fake Men

A couple of years ago we were watching Jerry Springer and a “man” came on the show wanting to tell his girlfriend that he was born a woman.  The circumstance was that “he” (she) was in a bar and met a woman and she was attracted to “him” (her) and they began a relationship.  They were having oral sex, he would do that on her that is and she never knew.

Ok, that was strange and stuff but this same person came on the show a 2nd time to tell another woman that he was born a girl.  The 2nd time the same thing happened as the first time, the woman had a bad reaction, beat up the “guy” (girl) and they left.

Well, since that show (or those shows) it has been happening more often.  Just the other day there was one.  There was a commercial for the next Jerry Springer and the same thing but with another person.  What the hell is going on in this world?  Can you imagine what people in other countries think about us?  Because this show is syndicated all around the world.

It’s not limited to women pretending to be men, although we all know that men pretend to be women, it’s actually a lot more common and I see it on Jerry Springer show all the time.  It’s sorta disgusting and pitiful.  I mean, these ugly ass women expect that men are going to want to be with them and not know they are really men?  Hello!  If you have any doubt try to get to 2nd base lol.

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