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I bought this satellite clock from Publisher’s Clearing House last year because I wanted to increase my chances of winning money hehe.  I know, buying doesn’t increase your chances blah blah blah.

So I’ve always wanted a satellite clock ever since they came out but I really don’t NEED a satellite clock that much so I just never bought one.  I don’t really look at a regular clock, I always look at a cell phone or the cable box or the clock on the computer and all those clocks are basically satellite clocks.

I didn’t have an alarm clock though so I bought this from PCH.  I haven’t had it long enough for it to require a time change from the stupid twice a year time change.  Right now it’s “Spring Forward” but my clock didn’t spring forward like it’s supposed to.  I took a picture to show that it is still at 11am when it should be 12pm.  I put it outside and pressed the sync button to see if it syncs or not.  Here is a picture of what it looks like so you can beware not to waste your money on it.


The only way that the camera was able to take a picture of this so you can see the display was from an angle.  In fact, the only way I can see what time it is is to tilt it so I can see it from this angle.  Otherwise the LCD display looks blank.  It always looks like the batteries are dying even though it has brand spanking new batteries in it.  It does have a lovely blue light when you press the snooze button so you can see it better in the dark.

I could set it manually but that’s not way I bought it.  I bought it so I wouldn’t have to.  I’m going to go check on it to see if it’s changed or not.  It’s been out there for about 10 minutes….  OK good, I just went and got it and the time has indeed changed to the current time according to my cable box.  It is currently 12:23pm.

It would be nice if it set itself in the house and I wouldn’t have to take it outside to have it set itself properly.  But you know, it’s only twice a year and during battery changes that I have to deal with this crap.  So I guess I take it back.  Buy it but beware, you have to tilt it to see what time it is and you have to take it outside to sync with the satellites.

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